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Mainframe Economics

Mainframe Economics

The Economics of Two-platform IT: Mainframe + Cloud

Competitive companies know their biggest constraint is their biggest weakness. At Compuware, it was costly, complex, on-premises x86 infrastructure.

Through Two-platform IT—our integrated, one-speed IT approach—we’ve eliminated the need for servers and now save $4.7 million annually leveraging:

  1. The mainframe for mission-critical workloads
  2. XaaS resources from cloud providers for less critical workloads

We re-invest our savings in projects that drive innovation for customers—our true priority. Watch this video to learn how Two-platform IT can help you eliminate economic constraints that stifle innovation:

The Surprising Economics of Mainframe Technology

Application workloads are increasing, and you can’t scale back growth in an economy that’s only becoming more digital. Your computing-platform decision is crucial to moderating IT spend. Mainframe-heavy organizations have a leg up on server-heavy competitors, according to Dr. Howard Rubin, CEO and Founder of Rubin Worldwide, and others.

While computing power has doubled over the last five years, server-heavy organizations’ costs have gone up 63 percent more than mainframe-heavy organizations. Mainframes account for 68 percent of production workloads but only six percent of IT spend, with their average IT costs of goods being 35 percent less than server-heavy organizations.

Watch this video to hear Dr. Howard Rubin, IBM z Systems General Manager Ross Mauri and Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley discuss the surprising economics of mainframe technology.

Technology Economics White paper series

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