Mainframe DevOps A to Z Webcast Series

Mainframe DevOps A to Z Webcast Series

We’re taking our previous “Did You Know?” webcast series to a whole new level. Over the next 12 months, this webcast series will delve into how Compuware tools support Agile and DevOps on the mainframe. Register for the next webcast now. We’ll reveal the most beneficial capabilities of our solutions along with proven best practices that together empower teams to improve quality, velocity and efficiency of mainframe software development and delivery.

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A to Z Webcast #1 - Topaz Workbench

What’s a sure proof way to reduce the productivity of your high-performing developers? Make them work with disparate tools.

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A to Z Webcast #2 - Topaz Workbench

Enabling programmers of all skill levels to be productive and efficient on a mainframe with Topaz Workbench.

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A to Z webcast #3

If you aren’t leveraging root cause analysis, extended search or platform flow, then you aren’t using Abend-AID to its fullest potential.

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With ISPW, Compuware’s modern mainframe CI/CD solution, developers can work in parallel and quickly understand, build, test and deploy mainframe code while ensuring quality.
Webcast A to Z #5

Learn how you and your team can sharpen your Xpediter skills so you can quickly and efficiently move applications into production.

Webcast A to Z #6

Working with data is essential but one of the most time-consuming tasks developers must do. In this webcast discover incredibly helpful tips and tricks using Topaz for Enterprise Data together with File-AID for managing data that will amp productivity and make their lives easier.

Discover a superior approach to software testing using an integrated toolset that enables developers to progress quickly through the app dev lifecycle with Jenkins, SonarQube and other popular DevOps tools via integrations and plugins.

Many know Compuware Strobe as an application performance tool, but did you know Strobe can be used as part of your testing processes to identify and fix performance issues earlier in the lifecycle, before they become serious and costly problems?

A source code manager is integral to Agile development, but it’s not enough. Developers need to quickly and safely build, test and deploy mainframe code.

In this webcast our SMEs show you how to build your CI/CD pipeline using webhooks, REST APIs and plugins.

In this webcast, our SMEs discuss how Compuware customers are using zAdviser KPIs together with developer productivity data and benchmarks to drive meaningful mainframe development improvements.