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New Mainframe Center of Excellence Trains Developers in Agile/DevOps

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More companies are realizing efforts to migrate mission-critical applications off the mainframe are more than likely to be ineffective. They need the platform, but they also need it to be as agile as other platforms.

Outdated mainframe processes and tools prevent that, resulting in a bimodal chaos of slow and fast. This “strategy” is unsustainable in a continuously accelerating digital economy, where applications span platforms that must work in parallel at the same speed.

The struggle to recruit, retain and train next-generation developers—who are unfamiliar with, or uninterested in, the mainframe—using outdated processes and tools puts additional strain on the 80 percent of enterprises that expect to stay on the platform for the next decade.

Compuware and Wipro Mainframe Center of Excellence

To help solve these issues, Compuware and Wipro—a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company—have collaborated in launching a Mainframe Center of Excellence (CoE). The Mainframe CoE will enable Wipro to formulate best practices for achieving mainframe agility and cross-platform DevOps integration, as well as gain mastery of Compuware’s software.

Enterprises need guidance on navigating the transformation process from waterfall to Agile/DevOps, and furthermore, guidance on the proper implementation, execution and improvement of those practices. The Mainframe CoE will operate for that purpose: helping customers transform their mainframe environments and “drive competitive advantage through the adoption of cross-platform Agile and DevOps best practices.”

How the Mainframe Center of Excellence Works

Compuware will provide Wipro technical consultants access to Compuware’s solutions and ongoing training, enabling them to establish industry-leading expertise in:

  • Agile development on the mainframe
  • Integration of mainframe dev/test/release processes into multi-platform enterprise DevOps toolchains
  • Modernized workspaces that empower Millennials to effectively work with mainframe resources in the same manner as they work with other platforms.

By empowering Wipro technical consultants with Compuware’s solutions and knowledge of mainframe agility and DevOps, they will be equipped with the expertise needed to help enterprise customers:

  • Improve digital agility
  • Reduce mainframe TCO
  • Drive more business value and competitive differentiation from investments in mainframe applications, data and processing power
  • Transition mainframe stewardship from Baby Boomers to less specifically mainframe-experienced Millennials

Enterprises can’t afford to leave the mainframe, for reasons of time and money as well as strategy—no other platform equates in its degree of reliability, scalability, performance and security. The best option available is to leverage the mainframe’s modern capabilities with Agile/DevOps tools and processes. The joint Compuware-Wipro Mainframe CoE will be a major aid to those enterprises that are ready to optimize their mainframe environments for the digital age.

Read the press release for more details.

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