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October 22, 2018 Batch Automation

Capitalizing on Your Mainframe Batch Window of Opportunity

Overview: Learn how you can save money, save time and save MSUs by automating and optimizing your batch window management with Compuware ThruPut Manager.

Mainframe batch processing is alive and well, with an estimated 20 to 50 percent of z/OS workload being batch and large data centers running 100 to 250 thousand or more batch jobs per day. But that doesn’t mean batch processing can stay put and expect everything to fit around it.

New pressures from our digital economy point to the criticality of optimizing batch workloads to ensure processing can run more efficiently in a shrinking batch window. These digital pressures include:

  • Increasing online application uptime and batch window downtime—i.e., a smaller window
  • Digital engagement driving more batch throughput despite a smaller batch window
  • Operations failing to meet SLAs or requiring skilled babysitters to help them meet SLAs
  • MSUs/R4HA increasing or upgrades planned (spending your way out of trouble!)

Furthermore, while batch windows are not going away, batch expertise and experience are as more ops pros retire. Implementing a tool that automatically and intelligently optimizes batch processing is essential to cope with these pressures.

We discussed how Compuware ThruPut Manager can help you with this in “ThruPut Manager—Batch Windows to Paradise,” a webcast in our monthly “Did You Know?” series.

Watch the replay learn how you can save money, save time and save MSUs by automating and optimizing your batch window management. Here’s a little bit of what we talked about, regarding how ThruPut Manager helps.

Mainframe Batch Automation

From workload balancing and throughput to workload prioritization and escalation, ThruPut Manager automates and accelerates time-consuming manual tasks so you can reduce reliance on key individuals and free them from babysitting the batch run. That means they can focus on other tasks that add value to the business.

Compuware ThruPut Manager GUI

ThruPut Manager workload prioritization and escalation

Increasing Throughput

ThruPut Manager’s automation framework for SLA management helps you avoid SLA penalties, improve upon existing SLAs and meet increasing demands for delivery quality, velocity and efficiency in a digital economy.

Reducing MSUs

ThruPut Manager automatically monitors your rolling four-hour average (R4HA) and reduces your MSU consumption to lower MLC when sub-capacity pricing is used. This translates to direct savings with lower R4HA peaks without changing your applications or systems.

Compuware | ThruPut Manager ACM Capacity Limits

ThruPut Manager automated R4HA usage monitoring and MSU reduction

Minimizing Risk

ThruPut Manager’s automation also helps reduce risk in your batch environment. Batch processing relies heavily on Assembler-coded exits and experts who understand them. With new batch pros taking these experts’ places, you can’t expect them to pick up where retirees have left off. ThruPut Manager helps reduce the risk this skills and knowledge gap introduces by automating many of the batch processing tasks that require knowledgeable operator intervention.

If you’re in a mainframe batch shop where customer-facing digital engagement is putting more workload on your mainframe; if your organization is moving to Agile and DevOps; if you’re losing skilled batch ops pros to retirement—these are all valid reasons to look into how you can more intelligently optimize batch processing within a smaller window. Automation is key, and ThruPut Manager is designed to enable that.