Edit Data and Code

DevOps Lifecycle – Edit Data and Code

Use Topaz for Enterprise Data’s editor to focus on data quality over data type

  • Common editor for Db2, IMS, MVS, SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase data
  • Quickly copy files and data with simple drag and drop
  • Compare data files, including files that exist on different LPARs
  • Click on numeric indicators and bar charts to view and control display of compare details

Use Topaz Workbench’s familiar Eclipse environment to edit code while improving and validating code quality.

  • Preferences, configurations and/or working sets can be grouped into Topaz Team Profiles and shared with others to help jumpstart the process of editing data and other common tasks
  • Eclipse-based interface helps developers learn and support mainframe application development
  • Auto-complete and syntax expansion improve mainframe agility
  • Integration with SonarSource SonarLint strengthens code quality and adherence to standards
  • On-the-fly quality checks enable earlier issue resolution to prevent future difficulties and expenses
  • Minimize code complexity to ease maintenance and troubleshooting over time