DevOps Lifecycle – Debug

Use the powerful, Eclipse-enabled Xpediter® mainframe application debugger through Topaz® Workbench  to improve code quality

  • Quickly start interactive debugging sessions
  • Configure debug sessions to collect code coverage metrics to ensure adequate test coverage; covered and uncovered code is highlighted so areas that need attention can be quickly spotted
  • Gain intuitive understanding of application functionality
  • Stop/start, view data, monitor, review/alter logic flow, and analyze programs from one common and familiar Eclipse-based interface
  • Test hard-to-simulate scenarios by changing variable values on-the-fly to alter program flow
  • Leverage COPE®, which also integrates with Abend-AID® and File-AID®, enabling multiple developers to debug application code in same or separate logical IMS systems within COPE virtualized environments

Use Topaz for Total Test to automatically create and execute virtualized and non-virtualized tests

  • Use data collected from Xpediter to automatically create test scenarios, test cases, test assertions, and test data for virtualized and non-virtualized tests
  • Integrate test cases into your Continuous Build and Deploy processes
  • Automatically execute the right tests based on changed source code only through integration between Topaz for Total Test and ISPW
  • Automatically execute test cases as regression test suite
  • Run validation tests to ensure COBOL batch program changes haven’t caused unintended consequences