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Latest Test Data Privacy Advancements Shared in Webcast Replay

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Compuware recently presented the webcast, Protect Sensitive Data in Test, Protect Your Business

First, some background.

The responsibility for properly managing test data tends to fall into the hands of IT. To properly test an application, the data it processes should be as close to “real” as possible.  But discovering the data while creating subsets, while maintaining relationships, while protecting sensitive information — all while following all the right rules is an arduous process. So, most organizations take the easy way out and just make full production copies. And that makes it a risky process.

IT should be concerned. By taking full copies, they are wasting space with multiple copies of data eating up storage. And, test runs take much longer than necessary — extending time to market. Both are costing the business money.

The business and compliance departments should be concerned. If test data is not properly handled, highly sensitive information—social security and credit card numbers,  annual income and health information just to name a few — is likely to be exposed to development and QA teams, many of which are outsourced. When in the wrong hands, your organization runs the risk of a reputation-damaging and costly data breach.

As consumers, we should all be very concerned.  We often naively trust the institutions that own our personal information to be protecting it.

So, back to the webcast…Compuware has provided a solution to solve this problem for years, based on our industry-leading File-AID technology. With Test Data Privacy, real data is disguised as it is extracted from production databases to be used as test data, enabling IT to be more productive, the business to mitigate risk, and consumers to rest assured that their personal information is not being exposed.

You can watch a replay here and learn from Stuart Feravich and Bill Mackey, two Compuware experts in this field.  You’ll learn about our ground-breaking advancements in test data management, see a detailed demo and hear answers to an abundance of audience questions. Highlights include:

  • Scrambling, translating, generating, aging, analyzing and validating test data;
  • Employing an integrated solution for testing mainframe and distributed applications;
  • Streamlining the creation and maintenance of disguise rules;
  • Generating comprehensive coverage and audit reports;
  • Using an Eclipse-based user interface: The Compuware Workbench provides users with an industry-standard interface from which to mask data across the enterprise.


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