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Migration and Ongoing Success



Expertise, Methodology and Tools for Migration and Ongoing Success

Compuware provides a proven ISPW SCM migration service that takes customers through the full migration process as well as remote expert assistance with ISPW administration, upgrades and enhanced support.

  • ISPW SCM Migration Services: Backed by a skilled team of SCM migration experts with a long history of migration success, employing a proven methodology with state-of-the-art migration tools, our customized migration practice will quickly and economically take you through all the steps of your migration, from project planning, data migration and integration to testing and knowledge transfer.
  • ISPW Sentry Services: A customized end-to-end service that provides expert technical resources to assist with the ongoing administration and support of ISPW. With increasing pressure to cut IT budgets combined with the limited availability of skilled resources, the ISPW Sentry Service program is a great option for companies that want deep expertise without having to retain fulltime specialists on their payrolls.

ISPW SCM Migration Services

ISPW SCM Migration Services is a customized solution for organizations migrating from CA Endevor, CA Panvalet and CA Librarian, Micro Focus/Serena ChangeMan as well as homegrown systems to the latest release of ISPW SCM. The offering ensures the highest quality expertise at every step of the migration’s project lifecycle and maintains any historical changes that were made in your outdated system.

The methodology also provides continuous communication with customers about migration progress and issues, so that all work can be appropriately coordinated with active development and test activities. And, our experienced team can provide advice on best practices if you wish to reorganize your repository for easier management and use.

This proven SCM migration practice:

  • Accurately discovers and documents codebase characteristics including histories and inter-application dependencies, so they can be fully preserved in the new environment
  • Manages migration in targeted, rightsized stages to accelerate time-to-benefit and limit exposure to risk
  • Rigorously tests code artifacts in the customer’s new SCM environment and brings them to a near-live state in parallel to the old environment to ensure zero disruption of development work
  • Improves code structure and reduces code complexity due to reorganizing the code base during the migration

End-to-end Migration Offering

Our solution involves an end-to-end methodology addressing all critical dimensions of the migration project:

  • Assessment
  • Project planning
  • Architecture and configuration
  • Customization
  • Product validation
  • Implementation of a pilot application
  • Audit of the pilot to ensure data integrity
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Training for application developers

ISPW Sentry Services

The new ISPW Sentry Services program is a customized end-to-end offering for customers who want to leverage expert ISPW technical administration and proven best practices to manage and support ISPW. The program is designed to provide the highest level of efficiency and reliability for organizations with complex development structures that have chosen to manage their application lifecycle with Compuware ISPW.

ISPW Sentry Services users have access to Compuware’s best technical resources for expert assistance with ISPW administration, maintenance and upgrades as well as enhanced support services. The program is committed to helping customers keep ISPW running at peak performance to meet best-in-class SLAs across the world for a fraction of their current administrative costs.

ISPW Sentry Services provide:

  • End-to-end remote administration
  • Online support
  • Standard software maintenance
  • A dedicated liaison between the customer and Compuware Level 1 Support
  • Guidance in planning upgrades
  • Quality control review to meet customer expectations
  • Implementation of SLAs