Source Code Downloader Plugin

The Compuware Source Code Downloader plugin allows users to download Compuware ISPW, CA Endevor and PLDASM (PDS) source code members from the mainframe to Windows or Linux servers.

Available for: ISPW and Topaz for Program Analysis

Common Configuration Plugin

The Jenkins Common Configuration plugin required for Compuware-related plugins provides configuration settings that are shared by other Compuware Jenkins plugins.

Available for: Compuware-related Jenkins plugins

Topaz for Total Test Plugin

The Jenkins plugin for Compuware Topaz for Total Test allows Topaz for Total Test to be easily integrated into Jenkins pipelines.

Available for: Topaz for Total Test

Xpediter Code Coverage Plugin

The Jenkins plugin for Compuware Xpediter Code Coverage allows developers to extract code coverage metrics for SonarQube.

Available for: Xpediter

Topaz Workbench Integration

SonarLint Logo

The SonarSource SonarLint integration with Compuware Topaz Workbench enables developers to automatically find and correct errors as they make changes to COBOL code.

Available for: Topaz Workbench

Strobe Integration

ConicIT Logo

The ConicIT and Compuware Strobe integration allows predictive alerts from ConicIT to automatically launch a Strobe measurement to identify and proactively solve performance issues before they impact service levels.

Available for: Strobe

Xpediter Code Coverage Integration

SonarQube Logo

Working in conjunction with Jenkins, SonarSource SonarQube integrates with Compuware Xpediter Code Coverage to export COBOL code coverage statistics into SonarQube.

Available for: Xpediter

Topaz for Total Test Integration

SonarQube Logo

Working in conjunction with Jenkins, the SonarSource SonarQube integration with Compuware Topaz for Total Test enables pass/fail test results to display within SonarQube for code quality analysis.

Available for: Topaz for Total Test

ISPW Integration

Collabnet Logo

The CollabNet Continuum and Compuware ISPW integration enables app dev and delivery managers to define and visualize the status of user stories moving through the mainframe software development pipeline within the Continuum dashboard.

Available for: ISPW

ISPW Operations Plugin

The Jenkins ISPW Operations plugin allows Jenkins users to execute ISPW operations such as Generate, Promote, Deploy and Regress on the mainframe.

Available for: ISPW

Topaz Utilities Plugin

The Jenkins Topaz Utilities plugin allows Jenkins users to submit jobs on the mainframe.

Available for: Topaz

Application Audit Integration

The Compuware Application Audit integration enables mainframe application user behavior data collected by Application Audit to be directly sent to Splunk.

Available for: Application Audit

Abend-AID Integration

The Compuware Abend-AID integration allows mainframe system data, including information on abends and other issues collected by Abend-AID, to be automatically sent to Splunk.

Available for: Abend-AID