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IMS Virtualization

IMS Virtualization

Simplify and Optimize IMS Development and Testing with IMS Virtualization

Over the years, mainframe teams have created numerous IMS development systems to test various application versions and deployment phases. These systems have grown to be resource inefficient and costly to maintain, yet more are being created to handle cloud, mobile and web development initiatives that increasingly require access to mainframe data.

Compuware offers a solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency through IMS Virtualization. By leveraging the strengths of COPE, IMS Virtualization reduces the number of physical IMS systems required to support application development into a few virtualized IMS systems that decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Simplify IMS System Management

IMS Virtualization allows teams to consolidate IMS development systems, which enables optimized resource utilization and dramatic simplification of IMS system management. COPE automatically copies and generates IMS database and program resources for each virtualized IMS system, without requiring any changes to application program names, so each virtualized IMS system can have its own version of a given application.

Accelerate Testing and Deployment

Virtualized IMS development systems support rapid testing and deployment of critical application initiatives by enabling developers to test independently of each other, using their own versions of both application programs and databases.

Seamlessly Debug IMS Applications

Compuware’s interactive debugging tool Xpediter; file and data management tool File-AID; mainframe application failure resolution solution Abend-AID; and Eclipse-based IDE Topaz Workbench work with COPE to allow developers to seamlessly debug application code in the same or separate logical IMS systems within a virtualized IMS environment.

Reduce CPU Utilization

By reducing their requirements for physical IMS systems, IMS Virtualization helps companies reduce CPU utilization. These gains can be measured using the COPE ROI Calculator. IMS Virtualization also helps companies reduce system management overhead.