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Improving Application Debugging to Uphold Good Customer Experience

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From the time it was federally chartered in 1935, a major credit union had become one the most secure financial institutions in the world. Today, most of the credit union’s one-million-plus members have 24/7 access to services via the Internet.

This all-day-every-day service requires the credit union’s applications—primarily written in COBOL with some Assembler code—to be up and running day and night, which means the time is tight for developers to understand and fix application source code to resolve problems.

The stability of this expeditious process was threatened when the credit union realized its application debugging tool couldn’t guarantee the applications would continue to work properly after planned upgrades to newer releases of the z/OS operating system.

Additionally, the credit union faced other challenges with its debugging tool at the time, including the inability to use common coding statements, like “Go Back,” which the credit union’s applications frequently use, and consequently the inability to easily compile a program source module without making more changes because of that workaround process.

Ensuring Application Effectiveness

To ensure its applications would continue to work properly after z/OS upgrades, the credit union decided to adopt Xpediter, Compuware’s fully z/OS-compatible interactive application debugging tool, which:

  • Provides more options while working in the code
  • Saves developers time doing application debugging
  • Speeds up the program compiling process
  • Visualizes whether code is executed or not
  • Eases the process of debugging unfamiliar programs

After adopting Xpediter, the credit union accelerated root-problem identification and improved developer productivity. The tool is also now the credit union’s go-to application debugging tool for resolving issues in production as quickly they’re reported.

For more on how this major credit union is using Xpediter to stay nimble in maintaining and advancing its core applications to continuously improve the customer experience for its members, read the case study.

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Mike Siemasz

Technology Writer at Compuware
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