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May 17, 2018 DevOps

How You Can Increase Development Velocity and Improve Production Quality—Together

In an effort to maintain relatively bug-free environments over the years, mainframe organizations have actually put too much focus on quality and neglected improvements to velocity (increased throughput of innovation) and efficiency (the elimination of pipeline waste).

This imbalance is at the heart of the Waterfall-encompassed silo of mainframe development—slow, elongated processes supported by antiquated, esoteric tools, all of which are used to maintain the status quo. As mainframe workloads grow and mainframe experts retire, striving for a bug-free environment with fewer experts in this silo is a futile endeavor.

Instead, mainframe organizations must embrace a culture of continuous improvement, allowing for the balanced and collective progression of development quality, velocity and efficiency with far fewer resources. They also need some sort of scoreboard that tells them how they’re doing on that journey.

That’s where Compuware zAdviser comes in. It’s a new product that uses defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and employs machine learning to help organizations measure and improve quality, velocity and efficiency over time. Get a closer look in our webcast, “Discover zAdviser—Machine Learning for DevOps.”

The Evolution to zAdviser

While our customers have had the ability to analyze Compuware product usage data for over 15 years through our Value Improvement Program (VIP), the pace of digital activity has rapidly increased. Organizations need their mainframe environments to move as fast as the engagement technologies they support, and simply tracking tool usage, while still useful, is inadequate on its own.

Consider if your mainframe team was instead the only baseball team in Iceland and all you did was practice. You wouldn’t know if you’re actually any good without playing against another team. There would be no metric to point to indicating your success. Without clearly established metrics for success, you can’t quantify progress and adjust your process to produce a better outcome. With zAdviser, you can.

During “Discover zAdviser—Machine Learning for DevOps,” we’ll discuss how zAdviser, an evolution of the Compuware VIP, provides empirical insight into your DevOps processes and developers’ behaviors to help your organization deliver high-quality, innovative solutions faster and with greater efficiency.

Here’s what else you’ll learn.

The zAdviser Process

zAdviser leverages a five-step process to help you continuously improve your development quality, velocity and efficiency:

  1. You supply us your Compuware tool-usage data—data customers have already been sending for over 15 years—as well as other DevOps data from SCMs and ITSM tools.
  2. This data will show how often you’re promoting code, what your mean time to resolution for a bug is, how long it takes to fix a bug and more based on KPI measurements you can compare against objectives.
  3. Through zAdviser’s machine learning, we’ll help you begin to identify patterns in behavior.
  4. What you learn from these outputs will help you make better, data-driven decisions.
  5. As you repeat this process, you will begin to continuously improve your development quality, velocity and efficiency over time.

Compuware zAdviser Process

How zAdviser Collects Data

We understand the idea of sharing data generates a lot of concern for organizations today, but how this works with zAdviser is different. It doesn’t use any of your organizations sensitive information to give you the results that show continuous improvement related to quality, velocity and efficiency.

It’s machine-learning intelligence grows from fully-anonymized, aggregate business data from a range of customers’ Compuware products like Topaz Workbench and ISPW as well as other DevOps tools and non-Compuware mainframe tools.

This allows zAdviser to 1) give your site a personal view of its progress at an organizational or team level and 2) allow you to compare against other anonymized organizations in yours and other industry verticals are doing on their DevOps journeys.

KPI Dashboards

Finally, we’ll discuss how a growing and robust program of KPIs zAdviser leverages are displayed in modern, intuitive dashboards—standardized on the Elastic ELK stack—that make it easy to analyze your data and drive quick decision-making.

Compuware zAdviser Dashboard

If you’re a Compuware customer ready to start measuring more than mainframe development quality, zAdviser will give you the modern capabilities you need to compile the necessary data, measure it against strategic KPIs that match your business objectives and continuously improve your DevOps processes through machine learning.

To learn more about zAdviser, Contact Us.