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March 20, 2018 Mainframe Agility

How Compuware’s Simple Deploy Is Changing Systems Programming

Smart organizations understand the necessity and value of promoting agility across teams, including mainframe IT. But achieving mainframe agility usually centers around development. Systems programmers, and other roles, need to be just as agile as developers. That requires simplifying and automating things for them.

For instance, as a systems programmer, you probably spend a lot of time manually editing CLIST and REXX members to change numerous dataset names for each new environment you must deploy into. With Compuware’s simple deploy, we’re simplifying and automating things as much as possible to save you a huge amount of time and make the process less error-prone with less editing.

Watch our webcast “Compuware’s Simple Deploy: Reducing the Complexity of Deployment and Configuration,” for more details on how we’re:

  • Making it easier to configure and deploy our products in your environments
  • Giving you time back in your day by eliminating manual updating
  • Reducing the complexity of cross-product configuration
  • Providing a more pleasant user experience

What Is Compuware’s Simple Deploy?

When organizations have multiple environments, it necessitates constant customization when copying product datasets from one LPAR to another. Compuware’s simple deploy will allow systems programmers to do less of this manual customization after installing our products.

Essentially, the mechanism powering this simplification is an API that allows you to resolve dataset names while still giving you complete flexibility of what you call them. In short, we’re removing the manual step of making REXX and CLIST edits to Compuware install-dataset names when upgrading and/or deploying our products.

Benefits of Compuware’s Simple Deploy

The whole point of Compuware’s simple deploy is to make the job of a systems programmer easier, allowing you to focus on other tasks where you can use your skills to add more value to your organization. Here are four benefits we think systems programmers will experience thanks to this simplification and automation:

  • API Automation
    Again, you no longer have to edit Compuware install dataset names for each LPAR every time you change the dataset name, whether for upgrading or deploying products. We’re helping to automate the selection of Compuware datasets by using an API call into a PARMLIB member. 
  • Centralization
    Having Compuware file product names and DD Names in a CMSC member gives you the advantage of having a single point of knowledge and a single point of control, allowing changes to propagate everywhere. In a way, this helps break down silos of information and helps your organization drive DevOps.
  • Flexibility
    Compuware’s simple deploy will give you as much flexibility as possible by allowing the use of system symbols to provide an easily customizable and configurable deployment of Compuware products, especially across LPARs or product upgrades.
  • Cross-product Configuration
    Currently, cross-product configuration can be difficult because different products are often installed by different people and products are not always at the same version levels. With Compuware’s simple deploy, current versions are automatically picked up and used, regardless of which person or team installed the individual products.

Your job as a systems programmer will become easier as we continue to improve Compuware’s simple deploy. Learn more about the exciting progress we’re making.

Check out “Compuware’s Simple Deploy: Reducing the Complexity of Deployment and Configuration.”