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Gene Kim Shares Insights on Enterprise DevOps

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Overview: We spoke with Gene Kim about enterprise DevOps on Compuware’s podcast, The Modern Mainframe. Here’s some background info on why we thought this was an important episode to put together.


The latest episode of The Modern Mainframe, Compuware’s podcast, is now live. This time, I spoke with Gene Kim about his path to DevOps, how the philosophy is evolving and what he has learned from Compuware—namely our CEO, Chris O’Malley—on bridging the gap between technology and the business. It’s a great conversation you don’t want to miss.

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I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Gene over the past year as he’s developed relationships with some of Compuware’s leaders. Aside from how generous he has been with his time and his eagerness to collaborate—e.g., interviewing Chris for a Fireside Chat at the 2018 DevOps Enterprise Summit, blogging and visiting our corporate headquarters for a day with Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten—an important thing I’ve learned about Gene is how eager he is to learn from others.

That’s interesting to me, because at Compuware we’ve spent the past few years learning so much from Gene—through his research, through DevOps experience stories he’s curated for DevOps Enterprise Summit, and, of course, through his novel The Phoenix Project.

This enthusiasm we share with Gene to continuously learn has been the basis of our deepening relationship with him. Given our successful transformation from a monolithic, waterfall-bound software vendor to an agile, DevOps-enabled, customer-obsessed software leader, Gene sees our story as educational for large enterprises struggling to make that shift.

In particular, he sees it as incredibly useful in helping other enterprises understand that their obstacles are “increasingly between technology and the business” and overcoming those requires that technologists “speak like Chris does about how DevOps really helps achieve those aspirations that are being articulated through digital disruption.”

Watch the Fireside Chat and you’ll understand what he means by that last point.

It might seem ironic that Compuware has learned so much from Gene, and now he’s learning so much from us. But this really epitomizes what the DevOps community represents: mutual education, storytelling and continuous learning—because DevOps is a journey, and no one has all the answers. It’s something we must continuously improve upon. Gene says it so well in the latest episode of The Modern Mainframe:

That’s really what the DevOps enterprise community is all about. It’s technology leaders recognizing that things are far from ideal, that we can do far better.”

During our conversation, he riffs on this idea a little more and shares some things he learned during his recent visit to Compuware with Dr. Kersten. Take a listen on your next commute, or whenever you usually listen to podcasts, to learn something new from him.

Heads Up

In the next episode of The Modern Mainframe, I’ll be speaking with Compuware VP of Product Development, David Rizzo, to kick off a new series based on our eBook “10 Steps to True Mainframe Agility,” so keep an eye out for that.

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