Webcast A to Z #6
October 10, 2019 Webcasts

Be a Data Champion with File-AID and Topaz for Enterprise Data

Overview: Why a 30-minute investment of your time for an upcoming webcast
could pay off with a better way to work with data.

Speed—it’s one of the most complex challenges to achieving DevOps success. Many just focus on coding, but at the core of all applications is the data. Developers have to create, find, compare, extract, convert, load, edit, protect, age and maintain data. If those tasks weren’t daunting enough, on any given day, a developer might have to work with VSAM, DB2, IMS or even distributed files such as Oracle, SQL Server, UDB or Sybase, as many applications run across distributed platforms. The products to manage each data type differ, each requiring a learning curve. Even an expert mainframe developer with 20+ years of experience might feel overwhelmed. No one has the time to do a great job under these circumstances, let alone do it quickly.

Unless they find a better, smarter way to work with data.

What would that look like? First, you’d want a common UI so that all data types can be managed with the same look and feel. You’d need great visualization capabilities so you can understand the data you extract, tune it and optimize it for testing. A better way ensures that you can search, safely manage, extract, load and even create data without having a lot of database expertise. And of course, you need to ensure the integrity and privacy of your data.

For long-time users of File-AID, the “secret sauce” is adding Topaz for Enterprise Data. If you’re new to these products, make sure you get both in order achieve the biggest ROI. Topaz for Enterprise Data is the modern, graphical interface you need to achieve all these data management goals with agility, speed and accuracy, ensuring that both seasoned and new mainframe developers can succeed in delivering well-tested code. You launch Topaz for Enterprise Data and File-AID delivers on your requests without having to know anything about how it accomplishes these tasks.

What are some of the tasks you need to do as a developer?  Browse all your disparate files and tables at the same time?  Search for data patterns across multiple files?  Quickly create new datasets?  Copy datasets host-to-host?

Invest 30 minutes to learn about how you can work more efficiently with these tools and become a data champion. Join us for the next edition of the Mainframe DevOps A to Z Webinar series, “Build More Software: 15 Hacks for Working with Data in Topaz,” on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 11:00 EDT. Learn from Robin Fuller, Solution Consultant and George Kachnowski, Account Consultant how to step up your Agile/DevOps data game with File-AID and Topaz for Enterprise Data. Learn more and register here.