Compuware Topaz on AWS innovation
October 26, 2017 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Four Noteworthy Benefits of Using Topaz on AWS [Analyst Report]

Three years ago, notable mainframe analyst Joe Clabby of Clabby Analytics described Compuware as “a point product company in managed decline,” he recalls in his latest research report. However, ask Clabby his opinion today and you’ll hear a new song:

“I see Compuware as a company focused on making it easy for customers to consume its product offerings—while at the same time being optimized to create new products and services.”

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The distance between Clabby’s former and current feelings toward Compuware has continued to expand after two years observing the company transform from waterfall to Agile, proving it through 12 consecutive quarterly releases of new products and enhanced or new features.

The latest offering to come out of that continuous innovation is Topaz on AWS, which makes Topaz, Compuware’s transformative Agile and DevOps tool for COBOL, available via Amazon Web Services (AWS) leveraging Amazon AppStream 2.0 technology.

Compuware Topaz on AWS visualization

Four Benefits of Topaz on AWS

Clabby asserts that without a close look, it would be easy to write off Topaz on AWS as mimicking the horde of other cloud-based offerings, but goes on to write, “those observers would be wrong—there’s much more to this Topaz on AWS story going on below the surface.”

In his report, he highlights four noteworthy benefits that are helping developers “increase their productivity and scale capacity whenever needed,” including:

    1. Better Access: With Topaz on AWS, users gain access to the entirety of Topaz without encountering the typical constraints of upgrading or deploying on-premise Topaz environments, which Clabby says is “hugely important because it provides sophisticated DevOps functionality to users more quickly than ever before.”
    2. Simplified Deployment: Topaz on AWS cuts deployment time from days or weeks to minutes thanks to a templated format that only requires customers to answer a few questions to set things up.
    3. More Time: Administrators are freed from the time-consuming aspect of their job that requires supporting on-premise desktop deployments.
    4. On-demand Scaling: Through AWS, customers can scale Topaz on demand, cutting the “red tape involved in getting tools to developers to support new initiatives.”

Watch this demo to learn more:

Three years after he first started paying close attention to Compuware, the announcements of Topaz on AWS, a new collaboration with CloudBees, a new ability to set up Webhooks in Compuware ISPW and so much more, have Clabby writing, “it is a joy to watch Compuware’s progress in the mainframe DevOps arena,” with existing resources, newfound creativity and a growing list of DevOps partnerships.

For more on what Clabby has to say about Compuware’s latest offerings, download the new research report.