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September 28, 2017 COBOL, Cybersecurity, DevOps

Four New Mainframe Videos You Need to Watch—All in One Place

Season two of Stranger Things doesn’t start until October 27, which means you’ve got plenty of time to kill. Why not learn a few things that could help your mainframe team excel? This weekend, forget Netflix—grab some popcorn and start binge-watching the past 90 days of Compuware mainframe videos, demos and webcasts around Cybersecurity, DevOps and automated testing.

Bonus: you don’t have to read to learn this time—just sit back and watch.

Cybersecurity Videos

Detecting Insider Threats with Multi-layered Mainframe Security (Webcast – 55:26)
True, your mainframe is the most securable system in your enterprise, but that doesn’t make it impervious to threats—especially from the inside. Don’t assume you can simply rely on the mainframe’s, albeit outstanding, system-level encryption. You need to help your mainframe-inexperienced security analysts easily detect and report on potential insider threats at the application level as well to ensure your company continues to meet increasingly stringent compliance mandates.

Watch “Detecting Insider Threats with Multi-layered Mainframe Security” for a demo showing how you can leverage RSM Partners Breakglass and zDetect with Compuware’s cybersecurity and compliance solution, Application Audit, to help your team strengthen application-level mainframe cybersecurity.

Protecting Sensitive Data with Ease (Webcast – 41:53)
Having the ability to create safe, realistic, usable test data is core to developing, testing and delivering quality applications. But simultaneously meeting all those requirements could be a difficult juggling act. That’s why, over the years, Compuware has challenged some of its most creative and analytical programmers to develop Test Data Privacy, a solution that allows you to create and secure realistic, high quality test data.

Today, Test Data Privacy is available in a modern, GUI format via Compuware’s file and data management tool, File-AID, within Topaz Workbench, Compuware’s Eclipse-based IDE. Watch “Protecting Sensitive Data with Ease” for a nice rundown of how Test Data Privacy works, as well as to see how simple and intuitive the solution has become.

DevOps Videos

Electric Cloud: Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Episode 74: DevOps in a Mainframe World (Discussion – 58:34)
Blend podcasting with Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery and you get Electric Cloud’s “Continuous Discussions.” With guests like DevOps guru Gene Kim, Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud and Compuware’s own Technical Consultant Glenn Everitt, the show is making public some of the most relevant IT conversations from experts on modern IT culture, processes and tooling.

For a dose, watch “Episode 74: DevOps in a Mainframe World.” Show hosts Sam Fell and Anders Wallgren talk with Glenn and Rob as well as Einfochips Technical Manager Santosh Vaswani about how mainframe teams can modernize on-platform with DevOps processes and tools like Compuware’s automated unit testing tool, Topaz for Total Test.

Automated Testing Videos

Automated Unit Tests on the Mainframe with Topaz for Total Test (Demo – 5:56)
Unit testing is core to improving application development and delivery quality, yet it’s one of the most neglected areas of mainframe development. Developers struggle to consistently test the small parts of their applications because unit testing can often only be accomplished manually. This requires copious time and energy.

To solve this problem, Compuware developed Topaz for Total Test, the mainframe industry’s first Java-like, automated COBOL unit testing solution. Watch “Automated Unit Tests on the Mainframe with Topaz for Total Test” for a short demo of the solution and learn how you can improve the throughput and quality of mainframe application development by enabling developers to automate unit-test creation and execution.

Watch More Mainframe Videos

Done binge-watching these? Check out our library of mainframe videos here. You’ll find a more extensive range of interviews, discussions, webcasts, demos and topic explainers from Compuware experts and partners. If you’re interested in attending an upcoming webcast, check out our events calendar for dates, details and registration info.

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