Force Multiplier

Discover Your Mainframe Development Force Multiplier

More than ever, your mainframe development needs a force multiplier

to do more with less.

Today, 64% of mainframe-powered firms are running over ½

of their business-critical workloads on the mainframe.

But firms are only replacing 1/3 of retiring mainframe experts.

Development quality, velocity and efficiency are at risk.

Compuware Topaz and ISPW can be your force multiplier, an agile

environment you integrate into your DevOps toolchain to empower

any developer to accomplish mainframe development tasks with

modern simplicity.

Build and Deploy with True Mainframe Agility

  • Break out of lengthy waterfall development cycles
  • Integrate the building and deployment of mainframe apps into your DevOps toolchain
  • Enable parallel development with team-wide visibility of all code changes
  • Automate the release and deployment of code

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Quickly Understand Complex Applications and Data Through Visualization

  • Cut through the complexity of monolithic mainframe applications with powerful analytics
  • Reveal program and data relationships through static analysis of resources
  • Watch the dynamic execution of an application for deep insight into behavior
  • Understand code-change impacts before making decisions

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Drive Continuous, Automated Testing

  • Quickly automate unit, functional and integration testing
  • Automatically trigger unit and functional tests in a CI/CD process
  • Manage mainframe code quality and technical debt like you do on distributed platforms
  • See what percentage of an application has or hasn’t been tested with code coverage

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Redefine what it means to modernize your mainframe

Take the next step and learn how Topaz can be your mainframe development force multiplier