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December 1, 2016 Workforce

Five Advantages of Attending Compuware’s Customer Advisory Council

The aggressive growth of our digital economy favors companies that find effective and efficient ways to rapidly advance business objectives. Companies making successful digital transformations have, or are adopting, the right culture, processes and tools to accelerate the pace at which they convert innovative ideas into tangible results.

A key aspect of business agility emerges from relationships with customers.

As an Agile-DevOps mainframe software company, Compuware is deeply committed to our customers’ success. That’s why, over the last two years, we’ve hosted a bi-annual Customer Advisory Council (CAC), a two-and-a-half-day event where we meet with Compuware customers for:

  • Interactive discussions and demonstrations
  • Networking with peers
  • Engagement with Compuware executives and product owners
  • Opportunities to influence decision making

After one of our first CAC, a customer acknowledged it was “well organized, always interesting, and offered lots of food for thought.” I’m positive they weren’t referring to the happy hours and dinners we host during the event, but instead were alluding to the broader benefits customers receive by attending.

This got me thinking: as we look ahead to our next Compuware CAC and plan to make it even more impactful, more riveting and more packed with amazing customers committed to change, now is the perfect time to discuss the importance the event and why we do it. First and foremost, the CAC is advantageous for our customers.

Five Advantages of Attending the Compuware CAC

The Compuware CAC is a symbiotic arrangement, wherein we benefit as a vendor and our attending customers also experience important benefits, including:

1. Provide High-impact Feedback

Because the CAC is a relatively even ratio of Compuware employees to customers, we’re able to have deep personal interactions. We’re always striving to glean insights and feedback from customers through various channels of engagement, but in-person engagement sparks intimate conversations that give customers a chance to unveil honest opinions about what we provide them. It’s also an ideal opportunity for customers to share ideas we can take back to the workshop and potentially turn into a real solution for them to use.

2. Sneak-preview Ideas and Products

The CAC is a place where our customers can get a better idea of new things we’re working on. This allows customers to plan for their own futures based on what functionality they can expect Compuware to deliver in coming quarters.

3. Understand Compuware’s Culture and Business

One customer told me the CAC is “a good forum for customers and Compuware to ensure we’re walking in the same direction on both sides.” In fact, the CAC helps our customers develop a deeper understanding of how Compuware does business—How do we operate? What defines our culture? What processes do we use? When companies are making purchase decisions, understanding how a vendor operates is important. We give customers a chance to get proof of Compuware’s stability and confirm their trust in us.

4. Get Smart on Industry trends

We aren’t just a provider of Agile and DevOps tools—we’re also a provider of thought leadership. Because we’re involved in the business of designing and developing tools to answer problems presented by the mainframe industry and the global digital economy, we have a deep knowledge base of what culture, processes and tools help determine success, what workforce shifts or trends are occurring, and what state the mainframe is currently in. At the CAC, customers receive knowledge that they’re able to apply to their own companies to stay ahead of a rapidly changing industry and world.

5. Network with Peers

Meeting other Compuware customers gives CAC attendees a chance to glean insights from each other, such as how they use our products. It’s also potentially an ideal situation for forging strategic relationships and sharing ideas.

How Compuware Benefits from the CAC

As I mentioned, we want our customers to walk away from the  Compuware CAC with new impressions, ideas and energy. Helping our customers be the best at what they do by sharing our expertise on culture, processes and tools is one of the main reasons we host the CAC. However, we also host this event to improve our own business. Here are some of the ways we benefit by hosting customers at the CAC.

Soliciting Ideas

This is the most direct way we’re able to keep a finger on the pulse of our customers’ needs. Hosting our customers at the CAC lets us dedicate time to gathering customer ideas that we can possibly incorporate into our product roadmap for delivering new products and enhanced functionality on a quarterly basis.

Personal Relationship Building

We want to know our customers well and continually build their trust in what we do. Fostering real relationships that extend beyond business makes our role as a vendor more meaningful and more exciting, and, therefore, makes us more effective.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital to the progress we make in developing and delivering innovative tools that operate with elegant simplicity and make it possible to solve the most complex mainframe tasks. The CAC is one of the best places to get this game-changing feedback.

Looking ahead

“Compuware cares about its Customers, not its revenue stream.”

This was one of most endearing things a customer said at on of our CACs, and I believe it’s true—it’s why we do the CAC. If you’ve attended a Compuware CAC in the past, I hope you can attest to this. If you haven’t attended, I’m hoping this gives you some solid reasons to consider why it’s worth signing up to come spend time with us for a couple of days.

If you’re interested in getting more information about how to attend Compuware’s next CAC, please contact Compuware marketing manager Janet Misukiewicz at [email protected].

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David Bernardi

Dave Bernardi was previously Director of Customer Experience and Customer Solutions at Compuware.