October 3, 2019 DevOps

Finding the Next Generation of Mainframe Developers – Pt. 3

Overview: In the last of our series, meet the newest of the next-gen developers who have joined our mission
to innovate and support the mainframe for the next 50 years and beyond.

The newest to the team

So far in our story, you’ve read how important mainframe modernization is and why the need for new hires for the development workforce is vital. This is also a time of great opportunity for those wanting to work in a mainframe environment. This is reflected in a recent survey by BMC illustrating changes in that workforce*.

Last time we met three developers who have been with Compuware for almost two to 3+ years and counting. Today, we’ll profile three relative newcomers.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Shakespeare

Finding the right mission

Lisa Blair is an Associate Software Developer who has been with the company about a year and a half. Her degree is in Computer Engineering. Her story is a little different. She came to Compuware by way of her home in Nice, France, through Florida, Illinois and a few other states. It’s safe to say she’s looked around and found what she wanted in Detroit, Michigan at Compuware.

Lisa likes gardening, strolls with her dog and visits to the DIA. She was not recruited but referred in by another new hire who was a friend of hers from university. She wanted to work for a smaller company—as opposed to an Apple or Google—where she’d be able to learn more and support the mainframe. Her referral led to a phone interview, which led to a flight to Detroit for a day-long interview followed by an offer soon after.

Nothing has changed. Everyone is still willing to help and teach me even after a year and a half. There’s a lot to learn…”

Like the rest of the new hires, Lisa’s training was accelerated, but found the excellent trainers welcomed questions. She said that it was good to have the training and then be assigned small projects. Her mentor would walk her through how to look at the customer issue, what to look for and how to fix it.

Lisa likes that Compuware is not too large and you can easily talk with a co-worker if you have questions. Working onsite, instead of remotely, is something she enjoys. The fact that this is an “industry that will never go away and has so much to offer” is also very appealing.

I enjoy the overall power of the systems. How they pretty much run our society and not too many people know that.”

Following your stars

Tyler Havener is an Associate Software Developer who has been with Compuware less than a year. His degree is in Computer Science – Enterprise Software. This Illinois native was recruited by Compuware at a career fair. Though he didn’t know much about the company before that, he wound up snagging an internship here and after that a full-time job. It’s noteworthy that he completed another internship while in school, working on web and app development, but Tyler likes mainframe software development best.

While others he knew wanted to pursue Silicon Valley jobs, Tyler wanted to go into a field that was closer to the hardware. Once he found Compuware, he didn’t consider any other companies.

In his free time, Tyler likes to be outdoors, taking walks around the city, going out with new friends after work and local sports. Like his counterparts, he took the accelerated classes and jumped right into work. He said that whether you’re in training or working, if you have questions there’s a very open environment to ask anything. Though his time here has been less than a year, he said he feels like an equal on his team and not so much a new team member.

If I need anything, I just ask.”

Essential to the mission

Ohio native Megan Wenzke is an Associate Software Developer who has been with the company a little over a year. Her degree is in Computer Engineering. She learned about Compuware at a university career fair. She didn’t know much about the company before she talked with the recruiter, but she’s been happy since she joined our team. She considered other companies but chose Compuware because of the opportunity to learn more and she likes the culture—everyone is very passionate, smart and friendly.

Megan came to us with knowledge of front-end languages and some web interfaces. Still, her training was accelerated and intense just like the other next-gen new hires. However, she noted that “having a great mentor was instrumental to her onboarding process and helped her get up to speed faster.”

When she takes a break, you may find Megan with friends from work solving puzzles or chatting. She likes all kinds of games, crafting and walks at Hart Plaza and the Riverwalk. But if you ask her what she likes most about Compuware, she’d probably tell you she likes that people are receptive to her thoughts and opinions, even though she is relatively new the company. The ability to attend conferences and interact with customers are also bonuses.

The journey continues

Compuware has come a long way since we started our trek to transform the way we bring new products to market and how we recruit and train so we can transform the mainframe market. We’ve learned that you can’t get to the future without building a bridge of mutual respect and knowledge throughout your team. We know that this, along with our goals focused on customer success and fueled by a passion for the work and a sense of camaraderie, will get us to our destination.

*The Next Wave of Mainframe Success, 2019 BMC Mainframe Survey Results, pg. 7.