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April 3, 2018 DevOps

Fact-Based Mainframe Modernization: It’s Time

Every enterprise must modernize its mainframe with DevOps practices. As the study we recently commissioned from Forrester Consulting shows, mainframe owners are running more—not less—of their critical applications on the platform. And 72 percent of customer-facing applications are completely or very dependent on back-end mainframe workloads. That’s because mobile apps, expanding analytics, emerging blockchain implementations and more are all driving increased processing demands to core enterprise systems-of-record.

So for your business to be truly competitive, your mainframe must be far more nimble than it is now. You must also get much more efficient, because, according to the same study…

you’re losing mainframe staff three times faster than you’re replacing them!

And you must rigorously safeguard quality—even as you strive to run faster and leaner—because these are your organization’s most critical systems.

But how can you possibly optimize your mainframe DevOps velocity, efficiency and quality all at the same time?

It’s not easy. It requires strong leadership, unwavering commitment and some upfront investment. However, you can’t get anything done on gut instinct alone. You need empirical data that tells you and your team what you’re doing well and what you could do better.

That’s why Compuware today announced two great new innovative solutions for ensuring that your mainframe modernization efforts are based on facts—not hunches

zAdviser: Actionable Metrics for Mainframe Development Leaders

Compuware zAdviser empowers you to continuously measure and improve your mainframe DevOps processes and development outcomes. Based on key performance indicators (KPIs), zAdviser leverages machine learning techniques to analyze application quality, development velocity and the efficiency of your development team—empowering you to make evidence-based decisions in support of your continuous improvement efforts. The KPIs were developed in close collaboration with customers and are aligned with published research from Forrester.

zAdviser’s analytic models uncover correlations between developer behaviors and mainframe DevOps KPIs. These correlations represent the best available empirical evidence about the impact of process, training and tooling decisions on business outcomes. With this evidence and associated recommendations, you can now quickly and confidently make high-impact decisions about your mainframe DevOps processes.

zAdviser is free for Compuware customers on current maintenance. More information is available here.

ThruPut Manager: Actionable Metrics for Mainframe Operators

Compuware today also released a new ThruPut Manager web interface that gives your mainframe ops staff visually intuitive insight into how batch jobs are being initiated and executed—as well as the impact of those jobs on mainframe software licensing costs.

ThruPut Manager empowers even relatively inexperienced mainframe ops staff to safeguard performance of both batch and non-batch applications while avoiding preventable spikes in R4HA. ThruPut Manager also helps you successfully transfer batch management responsibilities to IT staff who possess limited hands-on mainframe experience—without exposing yourself to risks such as missed batch execution deadlines, missed service level agreements and excess costs.

More information about ThruPut Manager is available here.

With today’s announcement, Compuware is marking an unprecedented 14th consecutive quarter of delivering fresh, new capabilities for the mainframe—including advancements to our classic offerings.

And that may be the most important fact of all when it comes to modernizing your mainframe DevOps processes. Other companies may say a lot about it. But only Compuware is delivering on it like clockwork every 90 days—so you can achieve the velocity the market demands with the efficiency your budget requires, while safeguarding the quality your business requires.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.