mainframe software delivery with DevOps
November 28, 2017 DevOps, DevOps Transition Workshop

Evolve Your Mainframe Software Delivery with DevOps

Behind the scenes, the ostensibly seamless DevOps transitions of companies like Amazon and Netflix have really been strategic maneuvers involving the filling of toolchain gaps and the re-orienting of development and delivery best practices.

Amazon moved off servers to the AWS cloud for incremental capacity scaling and continuous deployment. Netflix created its Simian Army of automation tools to generate failures, detect abnormal conditions and test its ability to mitigate issues to prevent customer impacts.

You know the outcomes: Amazon has disrupted disparate industries, even acquiring Whole Foods, and Blockbuster is a distant memory in the shadow of Netflix’s streaming media and video-on-demand.

Amazon and Netflix make their DevOps transitions look easy, but traditional organizations have been slow to evolve their software delivery pipelines, primarily due to scale, complexity and associated transitional costs.

Not So Simple on the Mainframe

Traditional waterfall processes and legacy mainframe tooling once sufficed where speed of delivery wasn’t critical. But times have changed, and we are at a tipping point where enterprise operational intelligence and data is required quickly by modern systems of engagement.

The speed at which that information is to be delivered to consumers has become critical. Organizations are now looking for faster ways to make that information available and are turning to modern software delivery ecosystems and modern application architecture to support faster delivery of that information to consumers, employees, partners, etc.

How do you start modernizing mainframe software delivery with DevOps, where the mainframe is an active and participating component?

DevOps Transition Workshop

Compuware customers already have a starting point for modernizing mainframe software delivery with DevOps through Compuware’s DevOps Transition Workshop. We make this one-day workshop available as a service to help you achieve your business and IT goals in relation to modernizing mainframe software delivery with DevOps.

The workshop is a strategic initiative to help you develop a pragmatic approach for the adoption of DevOps practices that build on initiatives and capabilities already in place at your company.

There are three core things you get out of it:

1. DevOps Education

Customers spend a day with a qualified DevOps professional to learn about the philosophy and hear what other business leaders are doing to modernize mainframe software delivery with DevOps.

2. Objective Analysis

It’s easy to overlook gaps in the software delivery ecosystem when you deal with them every day. After going through the DevOps Transition Workshop, we will objectively assess your current-state delivery environment and help you identify the work and changes required to help you evolve. This will be based on what we’ve heard from you and observed, not to mention based on the successes and failures we’ve observed in our own and others’ transitions to mainframe software delivery with DevOps.

3. DevOps Toolchain Recommendations

The workshop gives us a good understanding of what your primary pain points are. Understanding your challenges enables us to help you focus on conquering those challenges through development- and delivery-practice changes and toolchain changes.

After we spend the day talking with you about modernizing mainframe software delivery with DevOps and your current-state mainframe software delivery architecture, we will work to provide you with a summary of recommendations in the form of Epics and stories, recommended toolchain changes and how to use Lean-Agile practices, among other recommendations based on our analysis.

It’s easy for companies to scapegoat their mainframes as the constraint that keeps them from making an enterprise-wide DevOps transition like Amazon or Netflix. In reality, the mainframe is a platform that could enhance your ability to do so if you understand and initiate the changes necessary to transform your mainframe organization’s culture, processes and tools.

Fortunately, for Compuware customers, we’re making those changes easier. Find out how the DevOps Transition Workshop can help your mainframe team evolve. Contact Rick Slade, Compuware Executive Solutions Architect – DevOps, at [email protected] to set up a day dedicated to your mainframe and its DevOps-inclusion journey.