Empowering Enterprise DevOps and Increasing Mainframe Availability
October 1, 2020 Data, DevOps, Mainframe Agility, Testing

Empowering Enterprise DevOps and Increasing Mainframe Availability

Overview: October 1st marks the first combined quarterly release by BMC and Compuware. It includes data management enhancements that enable increased availability, a new integration between Topaz for Total Test and ISPW that helps enterprises build advanced automated CI/CD pipelines, and the addition of Tailored Fit Pricing analysis to BMC AMI Cost Management.

On June 1st a much-anticipated joining of forces took place when BMC completed its acquisition of Compuware. This combination of two customer-obsessed companies gives organizations a partner they can count on to deliver the tools that they need to mainstream the mainframe and propel the platform into the future.

Built upon the spirit of innovation behind more than 300 BMC mainframe product releases over the last three years and Compuware’s 24 consecutive quarterly releases, BMC and Compuware’s first combined quarterly release empowers mainframe organizations to build an integrated DevOps toolchain that delivers a continuous stream of innovative value to their own customers. With new data management and automated testing capabilities that will advance enterprise DevOps and increase mainframe availability, the release addresses the three key themes of the current mainframe agenda identified by the 2020 BMC Mainframe Survey: adapt, automate, and secure.

Here’s a look at the new enhancements available today:

BMC AMI Data Management for Db2®

Now part of the AMI portfolio, our Db2 management solutions integrate with the BMC AMI Command Center for Db2®, enabling easy Db2 database management with an intuitive, persona-based experience that breaks down siloes and empowers developers and database administrators to collaborate in a true DevOps environment:

We’ve also added new integrations with Jenkins and IBM® UrbanCode® which enable automated database changes, increasing the agility and velocity of CI/CD pipelines.

These tools put world-class data management at your fingertips with optimized production and test data, automated database changes, and improved data backup and recovery times, giving enterprises to the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions and requirements while ensuring business resiliency and compliance.


Compuware Topaz for Total Test / ISPW

A new integration between Compuware Topaz for Total Test and ISPW empowers agile mainframe development with intelligent automated testing, ensuring that the right tests run at the right time. Automatically executing tests related only to the programs that have been changed eliminates guesswork and time wasted on unnecessary tests.

We’ve also added the ability to store source code and test cases together, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of manually relating tests to source code.

These enhancements increase testing efficiency, allowing developers to focus on delivering innovation that benefits customers.

BMC AMI Cost Management

BMC AMI Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise® has a new name and a new home in the AMI portfolio. Tailored Fit Pricing reporting and analysis have been added to the analytics, forecasting, and cost-management dashboards, enabling informed decisions on optimizing IBM mainframe software costs.

A Bright Future

The combination of Compuware’s development and delivery solutions with the BMC AMI portfolio surely equals more than the sum of its parts, creating a mainframe software partner that understands customers’ needs and constantly strives to meet them. Today marks the first combined quarterly release by BMC and Compuware, but it also represents a commitment to come together as one to provide the tools needed to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.