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January 25, 2018 Code Quality

Eliminate Code Quality Headaches with Compuware and SonarSource

“Maintaining code quality through development and inevitable subsequent changes during operations has been a major IT headache forever,” analyst Rich Ptak of Ptak Associates writes in a recent report detailing the new integration between Compuware Topaz for Total Test and SonarSource SonarQube.

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This code quality headache has been most acute in mainframe IT, where “the ability to automatically go through the process of code testing and analysis and get results that will directly link errors to source code, highlight untested code, and view meaningful metrics for cross-platform code quality have all been a next-generation dream for mainframe developers.”

But the mainframe’s migraine is spreading to the rest of IT, impacting overall digital innovation. Code is no longer confined to a single platform; enterprise applications commonly span systems, and mainframes increasingly support systems of engagement with invaluable IP.

Ergo, mainframe code and front-end code must meet the same code quality and throughput standards because they constantly interact. But mainframe teams face challenges that hinder their ability to meet those standards, according to Ptak, including:

  • Frequent post-deployment updates and modifications
  • Updates and integrations managed by developers unfamiliar with complex, undocumented code
  • Issues finding and correcting source code errors
  • Poor programming practices

It has been difficult for mainframe teams to overcome these challenges because, as we see in other areas of mainframe development, many teams still use outdated tools and manual processes that don’t provide the same automation, visibility and integration as distributed tools that enable developers to continuously update and integrate code.

“There existed no way to accurately track and validate code coverage of COBOL application testing—with the same ease and employing the same processes—as is available and done with Java and other more mainstream code,” Ptak writes.

The new integration for code quality between Topaz for Total Test and SonarQube changes this.

Code Quality | Compuware and SonarSource Integration

The automated build-test-deploy process through integrations with Jenkins, ISPW and SonarSource’s SonarQube.

The Integration for Code Quality

Compuware and SonarSource are addressing the mainframe code quality headache through a new integration that automatically feeds code coverage results captured by Topaz for Total Test into SonarQube.

“Even more significantly,” Ptak writes, “it materially advances DevOps testing and coding process with a new level of capability and precision in the identification of errors, as well as weaknesses in the code.”

Code coverage metrics literally show which lines of code have or have not been executed and what percentage of an application has or has not been tested on a modern, intuitive SonarQube dashboard. This gives DevOps teams an accurate view of code coverage and quality metrics across platforms.

Mainframe teams that leverage this level of automation, visibility and integration will evolve their code quality, ensuring back-end applications are as effectively updated and run as smoothly as the front-end components they support—no more headaches.

Read the report from Ptak Associates for more details on how the Compuware-Sonarsource integration works.