Dispelling Lies About the Mainframe | Highlighting Customer Successes
January 7, 2020 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Dispelling Damned Mainframe Lies One Customer Success at a Time

Overview:  Savvy enterprises have ignored the baseless lies about the mainframe, modernized mainframe software delivery and are achieving amazing business outcomes. Learn how Compuware supports our customers on their quest to triumph in the Digital Economy, sprint by sprint, quarter by quarter, year after year. 

Over the last decade, willfully uninformed and technically prejudiced naysayers have worked hard to spread myths about the mainframe: You can’t continuously improve both software delivery speed and quality. The next-gen developer doesn’t want to work with COBOL. The platform is too expensive.

Confused and conflicted tech conglomerates, as well as many in the analyst community that should know better have done far too little to dispel these myths, even though it’s crystal clear the mainframe is still the world’s most reliable, performant and securable platform; provides the lowest-cost high transactional system of record; and is the backbone of the world’s largest financial, insurance, retail, shipping and transportation companies and government agencies.

The irresponsible proliferation of these myths by self-serving, shameless mainframe naysayers has produced abject failures as organizations have been duped into wasting outrageous amounts of time and money trying—unsuccessfully—to replicate the irreplaceable and invaluable digital virtues of the mainframe platform. A top-tier analyst recently shared a conversation they had with a client who was “19 years into a 5-year project to get off the mainframe with no end in sight.” Can you imagine wasting all that time, money and passion and then falling far short of the reliability, performance, security and transactional cost efficiency your organization had already mastered? How many lies must IT leaders tell themselves, fellow employees, board directors and customers, to perpetuate such an outrageous digital folly?

What would have happened if that organization had instead reinvested that time, money and passion into improving mainframe software delivery velocity, quality and efficiency, and paying down mainframe technical debt?  I’m certain that the organization’s customers, shareholders and employees would be far better off, and the organization far better prepared to respond to competitive digital demands.

Witnessing and Enabling Customer Success

I’m certain because Compuware has been witnessing our customers’ success over the last 5 years. During that time, we have been fulfilling our mission to help them by modernizing every aspect of mainframe software delivery and enabling them to leverage their mainframe with ease and effectiveness—sprint by sprint, quarter by quarter, year after year.

And customer by customer, mainframe lies are being dispelled through their transformative business outcomes:

“We’ve seen a massive improvement to the rate and level of quality at which we deploy changes.”

“We reduced production bugs by 80%.”

“We’re innovating faster on the mainframe than we are in our digital channels.”

“We cut delivery time frame by one-third.”

“We can now attract new graduates to work in our mainframe environment; millennials are working shoulder-to-shoulder with baby boomers.” 

“We saved over $21 million over a 3-year period with an investment of less than $4 million.”

New Quarter, New Customer-focused Deliverables

With these customer successes as the wind at our back, we are just getting warmed up. Compuware today announced:

  • A major partnership with CloudBees that leverages existing integrations to ensure core mainframe systems can be included in cross-platform DevOps toolchains.
  • Advancements to Topaz, an Agile enabler, force-multiplying development and testing platform.
  • The addition of market leading backup and recovery, disaster recovery, disk management and VSAM performance through the acquisition of INNOVATION Data Processing’s assets.

A recent study* showed business demand for faster innovation is driving organizations to increase deployment frequency by an average of 41% for new mainframe features. Today’s announcements help enterprises meet these demands by enabling them to increase software delivery velocity—while also increasing quality and efficiency.

Our Promises to You in 2020 and Beyond

As we end one decade and begin another, we promise to continue to:

  • Take an “open borders” approach to DevOps as we believe the only way to be truly Agile is to integrate mainframe-focused tools into a multi-vendor, cross-platform DevOps toolchain of choice.
  • Provide low-risk, low-cost, familiar and preferred alternatives to mainframe modernization by delivering next-gen mainframe tools that insulate next-gen developers from the underlying idiosyncrasies of COBOL, JCL and other mainframe-specific technologies through intuitive visualization and automation.
  • Expand our solutions and the markets served for mainframe development, delivery and support by collaborating with leading DevOps and mainframe software tool providers with the same dedication to customers and innovation as ours.

But most importantly, we promise to always, always, listen and collaborate with you. This is who we are—a team fully dedicated and committed to serving our always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied mainframe customers. And be damned those mainframe lies.

*Based on a recent study commissioned by Compuware and conducted by Vanson Bourne.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.