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Did You Know? Webcast Series

Did You Know? Webcast Series

Learn More About Your Compuware Tools

How much do you know about your Compuware tools? Probably a lot, but there’s always room to learn more. Especially when we’re continuously delivering enhancements and new Agile DevOps functionality to our product suite to help you become more productive and efficient.

To help you stay aware of what modern features are available in your Compuware products, we started a new webcast series called “Did You Know?” Each month, our product experts from the field will break down the Compuware products they know best, revealing some of the most beneficial components, best practices and design aspects you should be taking advantage in the tools you use.

New Series

Check out our new webcast series “Mainframe DevOps A to Z” which delves into how Compuware tools support Agile and DevOps on the mainframe here.

On-demand Webcasts

Ready to learn something new? Choose from the videos below and start watching.

Automated unit testing is critical to mainframe DevOps success, speeding development cycles and providing assurance that code changes don’t negatively impact another part of a program.

Topaz for Total Test, Compuware’s automated unit test creation and execution tool, ensures code is fully tested and prepared for fewer issues later in the lifecycle.

During this webcast, Compuware Account Consultant Jim Young and Solution Consultant Yvette Santana highlight how Topaz for Total Test:

  • Automates the creation and execution of mainframe unit tests
  • Validates code changes immediately
  • Maintains the quality of the codebase
  • Leverages integrations with leading cross-platform DevOps and Compuware tools for continuous code quality management and CI/CD

Learn how you can save money, save time and save MSUs by automating and optimizing your batch window management.

Solution Consultant Kelly Vogt and Account Consultant George Romney walk through the basics of how Compuware ThruPut Manager helps you solve common problems with batch windows, including how to:

  • Power its GUI dashboard to highlight real-time batch execution
  • Better prioritize batch processing based on business-related policies and goals
  • Automatically select the most urgent jobs first without system overload
  • Verify jobs have the resources they need and proactively manage resource contention between jobs
  • Minimize rolling four-hour average (R4HA) processing peaks with or without “soft capping”

In this webcast, Compuware Account Consultant Jennifer Hall and Brian Westerholt, Technical Sales Enablement, introduces Compuware Test Drive—an interactive virtual system that empowers you to “test drive” the Compuware Topaz products.

  • What Compuware Test Drive is
  • Why you would use it
  • How to use it
  • Where you use it
  • How you can begin your real Topaz journey

Without capturing code coverage results, we can’t really know how extensively we’ve tested code, leaving us to wonder if all the code we modified was verified. And if we do capture code coverage metrics, how can we view them along with other quality metrics from across the enterprise to see the bigger picture?

In this webcast, Compuware Solution Consultant Roland Kinsman and Account Consultant Terry Capriotti highlight how easy it is to capture testing metrics and feed them into SonarSource’s SonarQube for cross-platform analysis and reporting.

Learn how to:

  • Get insight into app development activities with rich dashboards that provide visibility into individual, team and project code quality metrics
  • View trends, flag Issues and verify integrated code
  • Enable your mainframe SDLC to fit the DevOps process

Compuware Solution Consultant Dennis Nack and Account Consultant Brad Kaehler highlight highly useful but often untapped features of iStrobe—the browser-based reporting and analytics interface for Strobe, Compuware’s application performance management and analysis solution.

Discover the “hidden” gems in iStrobe that enable you to:

  • Identify performance improvement opportunities, estimate costs of poor performance and estimate potential cost savings.
  • Track issues and assign them to development teams for resolution through the integration with Atlassian Jira.
  • View and compare reports from two profiles in a folder.
  • Obtain SQL Explain and Catalog statistics on demand.
  • Create folders for storing and organizing profiles.
  • Create and manage customized help for iStrobe.
  • Specify the columns that will display in myStrobe.
  • Add personal comments to a Performance Profile.
  • Add comments for display in myStrobe.
  • Filter the profiles that appear in the myStrobe window.

Compuware Account Consultant Jim Young and Solution Consultant Mike Wingfield highlight and demo key aspects of Compuware Strobe’s integrations with other application performance management solutions to help reduce R4HA, MLC, long-running, high CPU batch and high CPU usage in online workloads and DDF.
Learn more about how Strobe integrates with:

  • Compuware Topaz Workbench for full-function, browser-based iStrobe access
  • Compuware ThruPut Manager for batch system performance management
  • BMC CAzE to launch iStrobe during R4HA drill-down for deeper analysis
  • BMC MainView and Cisco AppDynamics for mainframe performance monitoring
  • ConicIT for mainframe behavioral analytics

Compuware Sr. Solution Engineer Ed Gannaway and Account Consultant Ward Matthews share tips and tricks for using Compuware Xpediter within Topaz Workbench.

Highlights include:

  • Setup an Xpediter test session in Topaz
  • Execute several “right-click” Xpediter commands in Topaz
  • Leverage Topaz to remember breakpoints and watch variables
  • Use Xpediter’s record and playback capabilities to resolve abends and shorten test cycles
  • Perform program analysis tasks with Xpediter and Topaz, including: Runtime Visualizer; navigating code with outline view; logic flow and data flow
  • Take advantage of Abend-AID diagnosis information with one click
  • Use Xpediter Code Coverage to confirm all new or modified code has been tested

Client Manager Terry Capriotti and Field Technical Solution Consultant Dave Kartzman discuss the extensive capbilities of Abend-AID. In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Web-based report access
  • Real-time reporting (nearly 100 different reports available)
  • Ability to report on non-abend faults
  • Filter events, generate emails, etc. through rules
  • Immediate email fault notifications
  • Schedule reports to be delivered
  • Access actual Abend-AID reports

Compuware Field Technical Solutions Consultant Ed Gannaway and Western Region Account Consultant Scott Smith discuss the evolution of Compuware’s Source Support. In this webinar you will hear why it’s important and how to implement Compuware Source Support best practices and achieve:

    • Access to source code to resolve abends, debug, analyze performance
    • Reduced or eliminated DDIO maintenance
    • Improved ability to debug applications

This webcast is all about data. We’ll dive into the basics of using Topaz for Enterprise Data, Compuware’s tool for discovering, visualizing and working with mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner.

Compuware Account Consultant George Kachnowski and Product Manager Kevin Corbett explain how Topaz for Enterprise Data enables you to:

  • Extract data from production
  • Mask sensitive data
  • Load masked data into test environments
  • Edit data to add specific test cases to satisfy new business rules
  • Visualize data extracts
  • Compare production data

Want a better idea of what Topaz for Enterprise Data empowers you to accomplish? Check out this two-minute explainer video.

A recent study by Consulting Forrester commissioned by Compuware shows that organizations are continuing to rely heavily on mainframe applications to run their business, but they’re only replacing about 1/3 of the experienced staff members they’ve lost to retirement. Given the market imperative to deliver innovative solutions, faster, IT teams need empirical insight into their DevOps processes and developers’ behaviors.

Compuware zAdviser, an evolution of the Compuware Value Improvement Program, provides that insight. Free for maintenance-current customers, zAdviser uses defined KPIs and employs machine learning to help organizations measure and improve quality, velocity and efficiency over time.

In this webcast, Compuware Senior Product Manager Spencer Hallman, Director Jim Seronka and Data Scientist Ratnesh Sharma will show you how zAdviser:

  • Uses machine learning to identify positive and negative correlations between KPIs and developer behaviors
  • Provides teams with analytic insight to continuously improve quality, velocity and efficiency
  • Enables self-serve access to Compuware tool usage data, dashboards and reporting
  • Makes recommendations for how to improve tool usage along with short tutorials on how to more effectively use product features and capabilities

Compuware Solution Consultant Yvette Santana and Account Consultant Rob Gerner highlight how the Compuware Topaz suite of mainframe development and testing tools enable agility for significant improvements in productivity. Learn how your mainframe team can use:

  • Topaz for Program Analysis for deeper code visibility and program understanding
  • Runtime Visualizer in Topaz to evaluate application execution
  • Topaz for Total Test to automate the creation and execution of unit tests
  • Xpediter Code Coverage to determine if code was executed

Compuware Solution Consultant Greg Lackey and Account Consultant Richard Tardif highlight the integration between Compuware ISPW, Compuware Topaz Workbench and Jenkins, enabling automated deployments through DevOps Continuous Integration. Learn about the modern Agile/DevOps features of ISPW as well as how developers can use its integration with Jenkins to:

  • Automate the promotion of code into a staging area within ISPW for testing.
  • Create, promote, regress, deploy and check the status of code releases through APIs.
  • Drive Continuous Integration processes with webhooks.
  • Access Compuware Topaz for Total Test assets for automated unit testing.
  • Use test metrics in SonarSource Quality Gates and automatically regress failed code into ISPW to be fixed.
  • Q&A from live event

Compuware Sr. Solution Engineer Yvette Santana and Account Consultant Andy Hocker highlight useful features in Topaz Workbench, Compuware’s Eclipse-based IDE, that help you mainstream the mainframe.

Learn about:

  • Using Host Explorer to allocate datasets, copy LPAR-to-LPAR and more
  • Using visible and right-click context menus
  • Rearranging and resetting perspectives
  • Using JES Explorer to filter and list job outputs
  • Migrating, creating and working on projects
  • Accessing Compuware DevOps tools through Topaz Workbench

Compuware Field Technical Solutions Consultant Robin Fuller and Product Manager Kevin Corbett highlight the top 10 coolest features of File-AID’s Eclipse interface:

  • Browse/Edit VSAM files and DB2 tables simultaneously
  • Column filter/sort and freeze/unfreeze
  • Select fields for display
  • Save and easily reuse File-AID/Eclipse requests
  • Easy Hex editing of data
  • Graphical file compare results
  • Search for data patterns across multiple files
  • Allocate new datasets
  • Host-to-host dataset copy
  • Q&A from live event

Account Consultant Bill Clayton, Solution Consultant Greg Lackey and Product Manager Irene Ford share tips and tricks for using the Compuware Test Data Privacy solution to create and secure realistic high quality test data.

Highlights include:

  • Simple data obfuscation
  • Test data cleansing, masking and validation
  • What differentiates Compuware from our competitors
  • Dynamic obfuscation
  • Modernized GUI with role based security and centralized controls
  • Consistent test data privacy for mainframe and distributed applications

Product Manager John Crossno and Account Consultant Mike Bassett highlight tips and tricks for using Compuware Application Audit to help your Information Security auditors detect and report on potential insider threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

Learn how Application Audit can:

  • Detect and report on potential insider threats
  • Deepen analysis of mainframe intelligence
  • Maintain compliance with regulations
  • Independently determine which users and applications to monitor for malicious behavior