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Why Developers Hold the Key to Customer Satisfaction

Overview: Companies that give their developers the right tools, put the right processes in place and measure for continuous improvement can speed and modernize mainframe software delivery.

In this Age of Software, there should be no room for doubt that continuous improvement in software delivery velocity, quality, and efficiency is critical to your organization’s ability to respond to disruptive threats from increasingly digital-enabled business models and to delight your customers with exceptional digital experiences.

With the likes of Amazon, Apple and Tesla entering markets traditionally owned by the world’s largest shipping, insurance, financial, manufacturing and healthcare organizations, comfortably conducting business within the confines of “business as usual” is no longer tenable. In fact, it’s a roadmap to systemic decline.

It’s because of this shift that today’s developers hold in their hands the ability to provide innovations your customers didn’t even know they needed. They hold the key to enabling bold business models and customer satisfaction in perpetuity.

For mainframe-heavy organizations that fail to comprehend the critical importance of software delivery, the consequences could be dire. Hope is no longer a strategy. Large enterprises must not just disrupt the work developers do, but how the work gets done.

The good news is that businesses that treat their developers like high-performance athletes—giving them modern tools, providing continuous, supportive feedback and focusing on improving KPIs around velocity, quality, and efficiency—and embrace mainframe Agile and DevOps methodologies are the ones that are driving unique, competitive value for their business and customers. These companies don’t see themselves “stuck with legacy code,” rather, they see this code containing decades of refined business logic, a precious asset to the business.

It’s through commitments like these that organizations can expect results similar to a large UK bank that after embracing DevOps throughout their enterprise:

  • Reduced the time needed to test a large application from 2 weeks to 5 minutes
  • Cut project delivery timeframe by 1/3
  • Increased overall developer productivity by 400%
  • Virtually eliminated defect leakage

Today, Compuware is delivering several advancements that help companies give their developers the right tools and put the right processes in place, ultimately speeding and modernizing mainframe software delivery. Specifically, we’re advancing cross-platform CI/CD with advanced machine learning and expanding our Git integration.

Advanced Machine Learning for Data-driven Decision-making

To continuously improve software delivery, feedback is absolutely essential. How do you truly know whether software delivery outcomes are improving, deteriorating, or staying the same? And how do you prioritize and resolve technical debt when it can feel like such an overwhelming and arduous task?

Compuware zAdviser is a service that leverages machine learning to help answer these questions. With the proper means to measure, assess and challenge in a continuous improvement journey, organizations can understand how they can become high performers.

New zAdviser analytics, when leveraged with Compuware ISPW, the leading mainframe CI/CD solution, shines a spotlight on zones that should be prioritized for reducing technical debt and development practices that are helping or hindering productivity. The analysis answers questions such as:

  • Where are the constraints; such as technical debt and manual testing that, if improved, could have the biggest positive impact to improving future flow?
  • What modules are contributing to our most problematic technical debt?
  • How much total developer time is actually spent developing and testing code?
  • How are regressions and fallbacks affecting development flow?

So, when you need to decide where to apply resources and how best to improve quality, velocity and efficiency, less “emotional” and more data-driven decisions can be made.

Expanding Cross-platform CI/CD with ISPW Advancements and Integration with Git

Compuware’s mission is to mainstream the mainframe so that you can leverage your mainframe with ease and effectiveness. To do that, your developers with little mainframe experience must be able to confidently build, test and deploy mainframe source code and you must be able to integrate mainframe-focused tools into your multi-vendor, cross-platform DevOps toolchain of choice.

In keeping with this mission, we are expanding ISPW integration with Git version control software commonly used by distributed development teams.  By designing a developer experience focused on continuously improving software delivery velocity, quality and efficiency, and smartly integrating the virtues of best-in-class tools for all code across all platforms, you will gain consistent visibility into your diverse codebases and ease the process of managing code through the CI/CD pipeline.

Additionally, we are offering an expanded Promotion Analysis feature in ISPW that automatically identifies dependencies so that vast numbers of components can be deployed confidently. ISPW is earning the hearts and minds of customers because of continuous innovations such as these, that offer a preferred developer experience and new ways to ensure your mainframe code pipelines are secure, stable and streamlined throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

A Roadmap to Modernization

This is the 19th consecutive quarter that Compuware is delivering urgently needed innovation that empowers you to mainstream your mainframe for the digital age. And we are committed to continuously improving our ability to turn ideas that matter to you into deliverables that make a difference.

Instead of a building a roadmap to systemic decline, let us help you build a roadmap for:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Automation and integration throughout your DevOps toolchain
  • In-depth application and operational analysis
  • Ongoing measurement towards improvement

No partner offers you more ways to get there—and safely put your most critical applications into the hands of today’s developers.