True Mainframe DevOps Automate mainframe work. Integrate your DevOps toolchain. Measure quality, velocity and efficiency.

the Mainframe

Compuware is changing the way developers develop. Our products fit into a unified DevOps toolchain enabling cross-platform teams to manage mainframe applications, data and operations with one process, one culture and with leading tools of choice. With a mainstreamed mainframe, the mainframe is just another platform, and any developer can build, analyze, test, deploy and manage COBOL applications with agility, efficiency and precision.

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Where Are You on Your Mainframe DevOps Journey?

DevOps isn’t a project—it’s a journey, and that journey must include your mainframe. We’ll help you determine where you are and where you want to go. Use these Compuware assets to build a better understanding of your mainframe inclusive DevOps journey and to educate others in your organization.


We aren’t even considering mainframe-inclusive DevOps.


We’ve considered including mainframe in DevOps.


We know Enterprise DevOps is critical.


We have a plan for mainframe-inclusive DevOps.


We’re doing Enterprise DevOps now.

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