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April 30, 2019 Testing

How Customers Innovate with Automated Testing on the Mainframe

Overview: Learn how two of our key customers are using automated testing on the mainframe to drive rapid digital innovation for their customers.


The importance of automated testing on the mainframe cannot be underestimated in today’s digital economy. The mainframe is too often the business-critical back-end system supporting front-end cloud, web and mobile apps in the hands of customers. Automated testing is what allows mainframe teams to deliver high-quality applications faster with fewer developers as experts retire.

Yet, many organizations are still hesitant to adopt automated testing on the mainframe. The “command and control” mentality that believes manual processes are necessary to ensure code is utterly defect-free is still very prominent and very constraining in the mainframe community. In light of this reluctance, it’s important to highlight how essential automated testing has become for many of our most forward-thinking customers.

U.S. Health Services Company

One of our customers, a U.S. health services company, is enabling automated testing on the mainframe with Topaz for Total Test, Compuware’s automated testing tool. Through its integration with Compuware Xpediter, it greatly eases our customer’s ability to generate unit tests for various versions of COBOL on z/OS. They’re also using the integration between Topaz for Total Test and Jenkins to actually trigger these automated tests.

Total Test is the industry’s Cadillac because it’s the only tool to automate mainframe test data creation, test creation, test data virtualization and test assertion.”

– U.S. Health Services Company

Large UK Bank

Another customer, a large UK bank, has increased flow by 400 percent on the mainframe in just 12 months with Topaz, virtually eliminating defect leakage and allowing them to save on rework and test timescales.

More specifically, automated testing on the mainframe through Topaz for Total Test has allowed the bank to “shift left” so that testing happens during development, not after. The bank can now automate system testing with repeatable tasks in Jenkins, reducing execution time from two weeks to just five minutes.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

We’ll be talking more about this during an upcoming webcast, “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Deliver Better Code Faster with Automated Testing,” with Compuware Product Manager Steen Brahe, who will show you how:

  • Automated testing improves application quality as well as development velocity and efficiency
  • Topaz for Total Test automates unit, functional and integration testing so developers can spend more time coding and deliver faster
  • Our customers have reduced testing time, accelerated application delivery and increased developer productivity with Topaz for Total Test

Register Here

Join us Thursday, May 9 at 11 a.m. EST to learn how you can overcome the age-old conundrum of toggling between the software development speed and quality. Now, with automated testing on the mainframe through Topaz for Total Test, you can deliver high quality applications quickly and more frequently to appease the business without releasing defect-riddled code that impacts the customer experience.

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Mike Siemasz

Technology Writer at Compuware
Mike Siemasz formerly served as Content Strategist and Technology Writer, reporting on culture, processes and tools in relation to DevOps and the mainframe.