Compuware's Vision and Mission for Your Modern Mainframe Development
June 28, 2018 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Compuware’s Vision and Mission for Your Modern Mainframe Development

Compuware today released significant advancements to Topaz for Enterprise Data, which provides the powerful data visualization, extract and load, and data masking you need to safely and effectively leverage data from across all your platforms—including the mainframe—even if you have developers, test/QA staff and data science people who currently lack mainframe experience.

This announcement marks the 15th consecutive quarter that Compuware has delivered essential innovation to help you master Agile and DevOps on a mainstreamed mainframe. It also again demonstrates that Compuware is uniquely able to help you successfully transfer stewardship of the mainframe to a new generation of digital artisans.

Yet, despite nearly four years of continuous market leadership, not everyone totally “gets” what Compuware is doing—and why. Here, then, is an overview of Compuware’s vision and mission for your modern mainframe development, and how we plan to help you get there.

A Practical, Powerful Vision for Modern Mainframe Development

The mainframe delivers unmatched performance, scalability, reliability, security and economics. Plus, mainframe applications have been fine-tuned over the years to precisely reflect the logic of the business. That’s why, according to Forrester, 96 percent of new initiatives at large enterprises involve the mainframe.

Unfortunately, enterprises haven’t been able to fully leverage the power of the mainframe and its applications. The tools that incumbent vendors have provided are too arcane and limited. They’re designed for outdated methods and poorly suited for Agile development and DevOps. Their look-and-feel is totally alien to younger digital artisans. And any attempt to integrate these obsolete tools with popular technologies such as Jenkins, SonarSource and XebiaLabs quickly becomes a kludgy mess.

Compuware’s vision—a unified, mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchain that enables customers to continuously improve on the essential digital measures of velocity, quality and efficiency—is radically different. We believe an enterprise DevOps toolchain must include the mainframe as “just another platform” that your development, QA/test and ops teams can work with in ways that are seamlessly unified with the rest of the enterprise—including the cloud.

By working with mainframe applications, data and compute power in this unified manner, Compuware’s forward-thinking customers are continuously improving the IT velocity, quality and efficiency that are critical to success in today’s digital-centric markets.

It’s a vision that others are starting to share. But make no mistake. It’s Compuware’s vision—and we’ve been executing on it better than anyone else for years. And we know that only through continuous improvement can we delight our customers now and into the future.

Compuware Will Get You There

If you don’t follow Compuware closely, you may have only noticed an interesting product launch here or technology demo there. But the real story isn’t these announcements individually. It’s the consistent delivery on our promise of modern mainframe development innovation every 90 days like clockwork since the end of 2014. That’s a record of consistent delivery that no other mainframe vendor has or ever will come close to matching.

Quarter after quarter, we’ve demonstrated that our mission—to be the world’s most trusted source of solutions that mainstream the mainframe, empowering customers to leverage their mainframe with ease and effectiveness and amplify the value of their resources and assets—isn’t just talk. It’s real.

And we’re not just delivering tools and technologies for your mainframe. We’re also aggregating the lessons we’ve learned from our transformation along with our customers’ learnings to develop practical, actionable roadmaps for you to use as you strive to progress from your current state to a truly agile and mainstreamed mainframe. You can find some of this high-value guidance for your journey in Compuware publications such as our eBook “Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility.”

Compuware's Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility

We’re also offering Compuware zAdviser, our innovative free service that similarly captures product usage and DevOps metrics, so that you can manage your mainframe activities to the KPIs that really matter.

zadviser machine learning mainframe devops

We’re doing this because we know that while mainframe transformation is absolutely essential, it’s also not easy. We’re all trying to take our mainframes somewhere new. So we need great tools and actionable knowledge. Compuware is committed to delivering both.

If you’re responsible for the success of an IT organization that includes a mainframe—and if the above makes sense to you—we invite you to engage with us. Your company and its customers will be better off for that engagement.

If you have any questions, our phone lines are open. And you can always reach me at [email protected].

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.