October 1, 2019 Thought Leadership

Compuware: Our Plan. Our Passion. Our Promise.

Overview: What’s the driving force behind your business? Why exceeding your customers’ expectations and helping to drive their successes should be first in your thoughts and priorities.

No matter what industry you work in, serving your customers must be your central focus, the reason your business exists. If your customers are not your first thought—if you don’t find joy in delighting them—then you should consider a different line of work.

Five years ago, we set out on a quest to successfully mainstream the mainframe for our always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied customers. Our success is measured by their success in continuously improving mainframe software delivery velocity, quality and efficiency.

It’s customer dissatisfaction that inspires us to innovate on their behalf. We also design and develop our products in collaboration with preferred Agile/DevOps vendors, including Atlassian, AWS, BMC, Cloudbees (Jenkins), CollabNet VersionOne, Elastic, Parasoft, SonarSource, Splunk, XebiaLabs and, now OpenLegacy. It’s through this collaboration that we enable a unified, mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchain and empower customers to continuously improve in their quest to serve their customers. That’s our plan. That’s our passion. That’s our promise. And, it shows in our actions.

We introduced Agile at scale, and it actually works. We’ve seen a massive improvement to the rate and level of quality at which we deploy changes.”  Standard Bank

Promise Made, Promises Kept

Today marks the 20th consecutive quarter that we’ve kept promises to our customers, promises they really care about. Our deliverables include:

  • Topaz for Total Test advancements including improved reporting and new support for complex programs that simplifies test result analysis and improves software quality;
  • New zAdviser dashboards that provide a macro view of mainframe testing efforts to help development managers understand what’s being tested, if the tests are being leveraged within a DevOps pipeline, and success and failure rates, so they can help their teams continuously improve mainframe software development and delivery outcomes; and
  • OpenLegacy integration with Topaz that provides an end-to-end framework for modernizing cross-platform applications, speeding software delivery and enabling more accurate API creation and comprehensive application analysis, debugging and testing.

Trying to innovate digitally without the mainframe as a fully integrated, Agile partner is nearly impossible. We’ve been able to take a tremendous amount of friction out of our DevOps pipeline.” – mBank

Our Customers, Our Inspiration

Our track record of delivering new innovations, enhancements to classic offerings and DevOps integrations, wouldn’t have been possible had we not listened to our customers. We’ve attuned ourselves to their needs and requirements—seeking and welcoming their collaboration both informally though on-going engagement and formally through our Customer Advisory Council. We want them to see what we’re doing, but more importantly, we want to hear from them so we can understand their goals; what’s working (and what’s not); and what they’d like to see added and improved.

We can now attract new graduates to work in our mainframe environment, so we have millennials working shoulder-to-shoulder with baby boomers.” – Large Bank

As an authentic mainframe software partner, we have open, honest and crucial conversations with our customers—dialog that enables us to not only provide them with what they need, but also surprise them with something new that makes their lives better. Everyone at Compuware is actively thinking about our customers and engaged in finding ways to help, support and deliver our very best to them.

We’ve seen major improvements in the quality, velocity and efficiency with which we can deliver change on the mainframe. A typical project used to take anywhere from six to nine months, but we’re now hitting a stride where we can deliver in a third of that time.” – Large Bank

Dedicated to Successful Outcomes

We are also judicious before making promises. In collaboration with customers, product management must research the customer value of any new product or feature to determine whether it’s worth pursuing. Then, product management, together with the engineering team, must also assess the new product’s or feature’s feasibility, viability and usability. After all this consideration, once a “go” decision is made, we must remain committed and dedicated to successful customer outcomes.

In making and keeping worthy promises, there is no place for guessing, poor customer acuity, or for quitting on ill-conceived and poorly executed products that leave customers “high and dry.” Our confused and conflicted tech conglomerate competitors have a bad habit of quitting on customers and products leaving a wake of frustrated and angry customers. Not Compuware. We commit to what we’ll do and then do it as judged by the satisfaction of customers.

We have found an expert partner who understands; does not hesitate to join the teams to solve a bug; and allows us to enroll the mainframe in a process of collective innovation.” – Societe Generale

We’ve worked hard to demonstrate Compuware’s integrity, innovative capabilities and unwavering commitment to those we serve. Our dedication and transparency are evident in the customer-obsessed decisions we make every day, the partnerships we forge, and the value we deliver every quarter.

That’s our plan, that’s our passion, that’s our promise. And it all begins with listening to our customers.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn