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How Compuware Is Leading the Mainframe Renaissance

Compuware just announced Topaz for Total Test, the first automated unit testing solution for the mainframe. By enabling developers at all skill levels to immediately, easily, iteratively and granularly test the changes they make to mainframe code, Topaz for Total Test essentially “de-legacies” the platform—enabling large enterprises to be as Agile with COBOL as they are with Java.

Compuware also announced the acquisition of MVS Solutions and its widely popular ThruPut Manager batch automation solution, which empowers even relatively inexperienced mainframe operators to optimize execution of the batch processes that are the beating digital heart of the world’s largest enterprises.

But the real news transcends these particulars. The real news is that Compuware is leading a spectacular mainframe renaissance encompassing Agile, DevOps and the generational shift in platform stewardship. IBM isn’t doing it. Neither is CA.

The Facts of the Case

Compuware’s claim of mainframe leadership isn’t just hype. It’s empirically evident. Only Compuware has promised and delivered innovative, customer-driven mainframe DevOps solutions every quarter like clockwork over the past three years. Only Compuware has acquired multiple best-in-class mainframe capabilities that empower our customers to bring essential agility to their core COBOL, PL/I and Assembler applications.

And, only Compuware is aggressively partnering with both mainframe and non-mainframe DevOps leaders such as AppDynamics, Atlassian, BMC, ConicIT, CorreLog, CPT Global, Dynatrace, Eclipse, Jenkins, Slack, SEA, SonarSource, Splunk, Syncsort and XebiaLabs to mainstream the mainframe as a full, first-class citizen in the DevOps world. This is in direct contrast to IBM and CA, which connive to lock customers into their monolithic product lines.

The evidence couldn’t be clearer. Compuware is the Da Vinci of the mainframe renaissance—and Detroit is its Florence.

How We Do It

Why is Compuware leading the mainframe renaissance, while our larger competitors languish? One reason is culture. Compuware has developed a highly nimble, innovation-friendly culture that starkly contrasts with the slow-moving, heavily bureaucratic ethos of IBM and CA. It doesn’t hurt that our developers work in Detroit side-by-side with our product management, sales, marketing and operations teams. For a specific example of this culture in action, watch how Gary’s Awesome Idea went from concept to delivery in 84 days.

Compuware also has the advantage of investors in Thoma Bravo that see and believe in the possibilities and opportunities in the mainframe market. So rather than playing the game of our competitors scheming to keep their “cash cows in the basement,” we focus on a longer-term, inspired strategy working tirelessly to earn a reputation as the best mainframe partner for the next 50 years.

Most important, however, is the fact that we are a mainframe software company—and only a mainframe software company. We don’t have to inflate the cost of our mainframe solutions in a futile effort to fund entry into conflicted and competitive markets. We don’t divert investment away from mainframe R&D to other LOBs chasing growth in vain. In fact, our R&D spending has gone up, not down, since Compuware went private with far greater effectiveness and quality in our deliverables. Most importantly, we can be entirely obsessive about our customers’ mainframe challenges and aspirations.

These are fantastic advantages that none of our competitors possess. That’s why Compuware has been ahead of IBM and CA at every turn and is now leaving them further and further behind.

Why It’s Important

Some mistakenly believe that the mainframe market is a moribund niche that Compuware can dominate simply because others aren’t honestly invested.

That doesn’t paint an accurate picture. Mainframe MIPS continue to grow as systems-of-record providing back-end support for explosively expanding customer-, employee- and partner-facing systems. Mainframe databases are also growing in scale and importance as enterprises leverage more information in more ways to better engage customers in the digital age.

These proven and effective mainframe systems-of-record aren’t going anywhere because of the mainframe platform’s unbeatable virtues in reliability, performance, security and total costs. But the people who have cultivated these systems over decades are retiring in increasing numbers. So the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, airlines and retailers must all move aggressively to ensure that a new generation of IT pros can assume stewardship of mainframe systems—and adapt them to relentlessly evolving market and regulatory requirements with the same agility as they adapt distributed and cloud applications. The time to mainstream the mainframe is now!

Compuware’s leadership of the mainframe renaissance is therefore not dominance of a mere niche market oppressed by pretender vendors. Rather, it is a missional imperative that directly contributes to the success of our customers and their essential efforts in the performance of the global economy.

Somebody had to do it. Turns out it’s Compuware.

Republished from LinkedIn