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June 25, 2018 DevOps

Compuware ISPW on the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

Core to empowering DevOps teams is ensuring they’re equipped with the proper tools to innovate with the greatest levels of quality, velocity and efficiency, which can then be extended to your business and your customers.

As DevOps thought leaders Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Gene Kim, Jez Humble and others advise in the 2017 State of DevOps Report:

Teams that can decide which tools they use do better at continuous delivery. This is in contrast to teams that can use only those tools that are mandated by a central group.

“Teams that can choose their own tools are able to make these choices based on how they work, and the tasks they need to perform. No one knows better than practitioners what they need to be effective, so it’s not surprising that practitioner tool choice helps to drive better outcomes.”

There are hundreds of DevOps tools to choose from across various levels of functionality, from source code management to security. When building a DevOps toolchain, development and operations teams that are fully empowered to choose what tools they include will consult reliable sources that trusted DevOps thought leaders provide.

That’s why we’re so honored that Compuware ISPW, our Agile SCM and deployment automation tool, has again been included on the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools alongside many of our other DevOps partners, including:

And, of course, XebiaLabs!

XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools | Compuware ISPW


What Makes ISPW a DevOps SCM Tool?

As Atlassian says, “no tool in the world will magically make you DevOps (or agile, or lean). . . . However, there are tools and technologies that support automation and collaboration between teams.”

When you look at ISPW, which integrates with XebiaLabs XL Release, it’s imbued with automation and collaboration, intently architected to foster cross-functional partnerships that enable teams to quickly and safely build, test and deploy mainframe code. With ISPW, DevOps teams can:

  • Easily perform concurrent development and merge code updates
  • Manage code throughout the lifecycle using Jenkins plugins
  • Use REST APIs to automatically connect mainframe applications into modern DevOps toolchains
  • Manage and view cross-platform deployments with XebiaLabs XL Release
  • Collaborate with other developers through features like alerts when another programmer has checked out code
  • See versions of a program at multiple points in the development cycle to prevent incorrect overlaying and ensure smooth code integration
  • Access an intuitive relationship visualization that guides users to failure points

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XebiaLabs CEO Derek Langone | DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 London | XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools | Compuware ISPW

XebiaLabs CEO Derek Langone speaking in front of the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

Why the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools Matters

One of the great things about DevOps is it isn’t some exclusive club of technologists withholding esoteric skill sets and secret knowledge from those outside the silo. Very much the opposite, DevOps is a diverse, inclusive community of people from disparate walks of life and organizational roles coming together to share the best of their abilities with each other in collaboration towards a better and continuously improving future—one that far surpasses what’s achievable across a field of silos in which homogeneous teams work at separate speeds with separate ideas.

Another amazing thing about DevOps is how empowering it is for technical people who not long ago were sequestered from the ideation hubs of organizations and relegated to mere IT support roles. Today, these people are at the center of organizations’ digital transformation initiatives, generating the ideas required to gain competitive edge while also possessing the technical skills necessary to materialize those ideas. DevOps is enabling this by bringing teams together and creating a space for better communication, collaboration and transparency from which great ideas flow.

Appearing on the XebiaLabs Periodic Table of DevOps Tools is a testament to our commitment to partnering with DevOps-empowered organizations on that journey, helping customers build mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchains with best-of-breed DevOps solutions, and a testament to how mainframe-inclusive DevOps really is.