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November 15, 2018 DevOps, Mainframe Agility, Testing

Wherever You Are, Compuware Is There—Including IBM ZD&T


Overview: Whether you use IBM ZD&T or run development and testing in a shared environment, Compuware tools work wherever you are. Keep reading to learn more.


You used to have to go places to get things done—the bank, your insurance agent’s office, the mall. Today, you open an app on your phone or click “Checkout” on Amazon and you’re done.

Companies have learned they must meet customers where they are or lose to competitors that do. Likewise, our commitment at Compuware is to meet mainframe and cross-platform DevOps developers wherever they are. That’s why we’ve always made Compuware tools available on IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T).


ZD&T—it lets you run “z/OS, middleware and other z/OS software…on Intel and Intel-compatible on-premise system and cloud instance without the need for z Systems mainframe hardware,” as IBM describes it.

While it kind of languished for a while, IBM has been making updates to ZD&T terms and conditions—like allowing access to other IBM tools previously excluded from ZD&T—and has been more vocal about the environment.

If ZD&T is your preferred method for development and testing, great; you can still use all your Compuware tools there—you’ve been able to for a long, long time! Here’s how two of our customers are.

Customer A’s Experience

A large healthcare company is running a ZD&T pilot with two different teams. If the pilot is successful, they will take it to production. They are systematically choosing an application with a set number of programs to target with automated unit testing using Compuware Topaz for Total Test—our automated unit test creation and execution tools—during their sprint cycle. Once complete, they will finish automating the remaining programs until the application is covered and then go to the backlog and choose another application.

Customer B’s Experience

A large financial service company used ZD&T to complete a proof of value for Compuware Topaz, our modern Agile platform of mainframe development and testing tools that integrates into your DevOps toolchain. This enabled them to test the Topaz suite very quickly and boosted their confidence in adopting our solutions.

Not Your Cup of Z?

ZD&T is a great option for mainframe teams that are ready to accept two things:

  1. Using ZD&T, your developers must become part-time systems programmers who set up the environment before working in it. This doesn’t work for everyone. One of our largest customers quickly ceased using ZD&T after discovering the difficulty of setting up required application source objects and after failing to achieve success due to the poor performance of the environments. Another Compuware customer ceased using ZD&T because they found it too complex and expensive and were facing performance problems using it.
  2. You don’t mind that some of your IBM tools are currently architecturally limited to only being used in a smaller environment like ZD&T and can’t be fully leveraged in a shared environment on your actual mainframe.

But if you want to use Compuware tools in a shared LPAR, well, you know you can do that just as well. Suffice it to say, we’re ready to meet you wherever you are. That’s why we’re always working to expand your options, such as with Compuware Topaz on AWS.

Topaz on AWS

Regardless of where your z/OS development is provisioned, you can use Topaz on AWS, the industry’s first cloud access to a modern mainframe development environment, providing developers immediate access to new capabilities in Topaz—what we like to call our force multiplier.

See Topaz on AWS

Topaz on AWS extends this value even more. You can read more about it in Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley’s blog, “Accelerate, Scale and Drive Mainframe DevOps Adoption with Compuware Topaz on AWS,” which gets into how the tool helps you:

  • Accelerate mainframe development and testing
  • Scale Topaz to your global development force with ease
  • Run two platforms (mainframe and cloud) together at one speed
  • Enable DevOps experimentation with best-of-breed tool integrations

This is just one example of how we’re being flexible for customers. Whether you want Compuware tools in IBM ZD&T, on a shared LPAR in your data center or on an outsourced LPAR, Compuware will be there. Just tell us where you want to go.