Case 3: Mainframe DevOps, Online Gaming & Wine
June 17, 2020 DevOps, Podcasts

Compuware CSI Case 3: Mainframe DevOps, Online Gaming & Wine

Overview: In the third episode of the Compuware CSI: Customer Success Investigators series, host Craig Hartwell discusses the DevOps journey of a major South African bank with a DevOps lead and technical consultant.

In Case 3 of the Compuware CSI: Customer Success Investigators podcast series, Global Sales Lead Craig Hartwell talks with DevOps lead Jakes Olivier from South Africa’s Nedbank and technical consultant Lynette Kleynhans of Mediro ICT about Nedbank’s implementation of a CI/CD pipeline.

The adoption of DevOps and Agile methodologies has clear advantages from a workflow point of view. Requirements are stated clearly, tasks are completed quickly, roadblocks and bottlenecks are avoided, and there is transparency throughout the process. Beyond simply improving work processes, though, Agile and DevOps also bring about a change in thinking—one that encourages the continuous improvement of both processes and deliverables.

Beyond the specifics of new software and process changes, Jakes’ story drives home the culture change that can be brought about by the implementation of Agile and DevOps strategies. He describes how continuous improvement has become part of the mindset of the mainframe organization. Individuals and teams are no longer content to maintain current successful processes but are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of their work and the ease and efficiency with which it is done.

Learn more about Nedbank’s DevOps journey, as well as some ways folks are staying sane during the lockdown, in Case 3: Mainframe DevOps, Online Gaming & Wine. To hear other episodes in the series and find future episodes, visit