Compuware CSI Case 1: Remote Workforce Performance Metrics

Compuware CSI Case 1: Remote Workforce Performance Metrics

Overview: In the first episode of the Compuware CSI: Customer Success Investigators podcast, the team examines how development organizations are adapting to the lockdown, how Compuware’s processes and tools have enabled it to maintain productivity levels with a remote workforce, and the role of metrics in adjusting to changing circumstances.

Just as animals must adapt to their environment for survival, organizations must react to changes in technology, markets, and work environments. We’ve all heard the adage, attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus, that “the only constant is change.” What makes the real difference, though, is our reaction to change and the adaptation that helps us survive.

Organizations running on the mainframe are no exception. With increased demand for new enhancements, features, and functionality, mainframe shops are adopting Agile and DevOps practices to improve the quality, velocity, and efficiency of their software delivery. On top of that, a global pandemic that has affected travel, commerce, and almost every aspect of daily life has forced a quick adjustment to when, where, and how we conduct our professional lives.

In the first episode of the new podcast, Compuware CSI: Customer Success Investigators, Global Sales Lead Craig Hartwell, DevOps Consultant Atul Bhovan and zAdviser Product Owner Bill Mackey take a look at how mainframe organizations are successfully adopting new practices to help them compete in a fast-paced marketplace, as well as how they’re adapting to business during lockdown.

After a brief look at the history of zAdviser, a service that enables users to measure quality, velocity and efficiency across the development lifecycle, Craig interviews Compuware Vice President of Product Engineering David Rizzo. They discuss how the company has maintained its pace of development with a now-remote workforce. David discusses the processes and tools that have enabled this transition, as well as the metrics involved in ensuring a consistent level of productivity.

Next, Atul explains how zAdviser, which is free to maintenance-current customers, has helped users track product releases installed in different environments, as well as detecting and addressing hidden abends.

Getting back to animals, the team closes the podcast with a discussion of the unique aspects of working from home, including instances of animals, both real and stuffed, making appearances during video meetings.

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