Code Quality

Code Quality

COBOL Code Quality for Mainframe Application Development

The Topaz® integration with SonarSource and Jenkins provides instant feedback on COBOL code quality for mainframe application development as well as an enterprise view of quality for management.

Automated On-the-fly QA

The integration between Topaz Workbench and SonarSource SonarLint enables developers to ensure COBOL code quality and adherence to standards—directly from within Topaz Workbench and throughout the mainframe application development lifecycle:

  • On-the-fly code quality checks enable development to resolve issues sooner before they become more difficult and more expensive to fix
  • Code complexity can be minimized—making it easier to maintain and troubleshoot code over time
Code Quality

Automated Testing

After cleaning up code issues flagged by SonarLint, use Topaz for Total Test to automatically create a unit test and test assets using data collected from an Xpediter® debugging session.

You can also integrate a Topaz for Total Test unit test scenario and/or test suite into a DevOps pipeline orchestrated by XebiaLabs.

Additionally, execute unit, functional and integration testing within the automated build-test-deploy process through integrations with Jenkins and SonarSource SonarQube.

Topaz For Total Test Screenshot

Leverage Realistic, Quality Test Data

Topaz for Enterprise Data provides a consistent, familiar and secure method for easily understanding, masking and managing both test and production data across mainframe and non-mainframe environments. With realistic, quality test data that is thoroughly protected and privatized, you can ensure proper test coverage, thereby helping you improve code quality.

  • Visualization of complex related data extracts using the Extract Visualizer provides critical information for how to best tune extracts to create optimal test data.
  • Realistic test data can be created quickly by extracting data from one environment and loading it into another.
  • Having the right test data improves team velocity while helping ensure the quality of the code being tested.
  • Data privacy requirements are easily addressed in test environments using Test Data Privacy.

Quality Management and Continuous Integration

Compuware product integrations with SonarQube, Jenkins and XebiaLabs help ensure continuous code quality and facilitate Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes.

  • An integration with XebiaLabs enables users to incorporate a Topaz for Total Test unit test scenario and/or test suite into a DevOps pipeline orchestrated by XebiaLabs.
  • A Jenkins plugin enables Topaz for Total Test unit, functional and integration tests to be easily integrated into a Jenkins pipeline.
  • Unit test code coverage results generated by Xpediter and collected by Topaz for Total Test can be automatically fed into SonarQube for analysis and reporting to better track and improve mainframe quality. Functional test code coverage results can also be automatically generated for analysis by SonarQube.
  • Test results are in a format compatible with Jenkins and SonarQube, so developers can see how testing progresses with every build.
  • Quality Gates can be established to determine whether to proceed with a workflow or stop and fix the code before continuing.

View Trends, Flag Issues and Verify Integrated Code

  • Static analysis is achieved by automatically refreshing project source via Jenkins from ISPW®, PDS and Endevor source code management tools
  • Team leads and management can get a holistic view of how their code base is evolving to understand code quality trends and progression over time
  • Easily view a summary of issues and hotspots across departments or technologies
  • Mainframe application development activities with rich dashboards provide visibility into individual, team and project code quality metrics