ABN AMRO Transforming Digital Banking with Topaz on AWS

Transforming Digital Banking with Topaz on AWS

Amsterdam-based ABN AMRO is a leading bank in the Netherlands, with approximately 22,000 employees—5,000 of which manage IT—servicing retail, private and corporate banking customers worldwide.

Enabling Mainframe DevOps

To improve the quality, velocity and efficiency of ABN AMRO’s mainframe-based solutions, the bank partnered with Compuware to equip 300 of its global developers with Compuware Topaz—the mainframe market’s leading Eclipse-based IDE and suite of modern development, testing and data management tools.

ABN AMRO is currently migrating 350 applications from traditional 3270-based maintenance to Topaz and has implemented a CI/CD pipeline, enabling the bank to include the mainframe in its cross-platform DevOps toolchain built with SonarSource, Jenkins, XebiaLabs XL Release, ServiceNow and Compuware Topaz and ISPW.

Success with Amazon and Topaz on AWS

ABN AMRO is now expanding its DevOps transformation by leveraging Topaz on AWS, which provides cloud-based access to Topaz and is powered by Amazon AppStream 2.0. This is a natural and innovative step forward in the bank’s journey to empower its developers.

Ease of Access, Scale and Faster Onboarding

Through Topaz on AWS, ABN AMRO’s on- and off-site developers share the same software version with the same settings to gain swift, effortless access to the latest and most innovative Topaz enhancements within hours—rather than waiting weeks for local installs to complete on their laptops. This generates a tremendous increase in efficiency and accelerates the onboarding process of new developers.

A Strategic Fit for Modern Banking

Finally, ABN AMRO found that the integration of Topaz with Amazon AppStream 2.0 created a robust, performant and scalable solution, a perfect match for the bank’s strategy to automate and increase delivery velocity to quickly react to changing business requirements.

With Compuware Topaz on AWS, ABN AMRO can continue contributing to building a better future and living up to their motto: “Banking for better, for generations to come.”