Case Studies Show What's Possible on the Mainframe
September 3, 2020 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Case Studies Show What’s Possible on the Mainframe

Overview: Case studies provide useful real-world examples of the issues faced by mainframe organizations and the solutions Compuware customers have used to overcome these challenges. Three of the most recent case studies show how banks have used ISPW and Topaz to increase developer output, automate software delivery, and adopt Agile processes.

One of the most useful features of online shopping is the product review. Being able to see what other users think of a product helps everyone make informed buying decisions. If you’re buying a pair of shoes, for example, user reviews can help explain if sizing runs large or small, how comfortable the shoes are, whether they live up to promised features, etc. The more you know about a product the easier it is to decide if it fits your needs.

Researching software solutions isn’t all that different. A list of features is quite useful, but learning about real-world uses and benefits from that product not only can help you decide whether that software meets your needs, it provides further detail on how it can be used and gives peace of mind that your decision is correct. Seeing how similar organizations are leveraging tools can be an invaluable resource when researching new methods and tooling.

Compuware’s customer case studies are an excellent source of such information. Each one details business challenges faced by an organization, how Compuware solutions helped them resolve those challenges, and a look at future steps.

Here’s a look at three recent case studies exploring how Compuware customers were able to leverage Compuware solutions to overcome challenges facing their companies.

Nedbank Accelerates Mainframe Innovation with Compuware ISPW
Looking to adopt Agile and DevOps for its mainframe operation, South Africa’s Nedbank saw the need to implement a new SCM tool. Looking for a tool that would accelerate development and deployment by allowing concurrent development, simplify source code management and version control, and decrease time spent reviewing code, Nedbank chose ISPW.

After integrating ISPW with its DevOps toolchain, Nedbank can now take advantage of parallel development with seamless merging of code updates and automate, standardize, and monitor code deployment. This has led to increased developer output, shortened testing times, and an accelerated delivery process, all of which has helped increase Nedbank’s operational efficiency.

3 Banken IT Modernizes its Mainframe Platform with Compuware
The IT provider for three independent Austria-based banks, 3 Banken IT GmbH, saw the need to modernize its mainframe development by increasing the velocity of innovation, developing straightforward version control and deployment processes, automating development processes, and enabling next-generation developers to work with ease and agility.

Using ISPW and Topaz, 3 Banken IT has been able to accelerate development and automate deployment while achieving CI/CD. ISPW has given them rapid, reliable source code management, as well as an efficient version control system, and the purely graphical interface of Topaz Workbench has made the mainframe more accessible for newer developers, accelerating their learning curve and narrowing the knowledge gap between new and experienced developers.

Standard Bank Makes Digital and Mainframe DevOps Advancements with Compuware Topaz and ISPW
South Africa’s Standard Bank found its efforts to implement Agile and DevOps methodologies on the mainframe were hindered by a lack of innovation and modernization in its mainframe organization, ungoverned development practices, incomplete integration of the mainframe into its CI/CD pipeline, and issues with its source code management (SCM) tool.

The Compuware Topaz suite helped Standard Bank improve the use of automation in its software delivery processes and improve governance of best practices. It also allowed them to access core development tools with a single interface, increasing its toolchain extensibility.

Implementation of ISPW as an SCM tool also allowed Standard Bank to collaborate more efficiently thanks to increased code visibility and smoother code integration. ISPW also helped eliminate manual steps standing in the way of automated testing and allowed for automation of deployment.

Compuware’s mainframe solutions can help your organization modernize its mainframe operations and development, increasing the quality, value, and efficiency of your software delivery and easing the adoption of Agile and DevOps. But don’t take our word for it. Read our informative case studies and see for yourself.