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June 5, 2018 DevOps

Building a DevOps Toolchain for Continuous Delivery on the Mainframe

If you’re striving to accelerate application development and delivery across all systems, including the mainframe, building a robust DevOps toolchain is vital. This is an open ecosystem of best-of-breed software tools that integrate across platforms and are shared across teams.

Contrast this with a closed system of tools that don’t easily integrate with those outside their environment, i.e., silo. This is what most mainframe teams are used to, but it won’t work for large organizations trying to improve development quality, velocity and efficiency to beat digital disruptors.

At Compuware, our goal is to solve this problem and mainstream the mainframe to operate like any other system under DevOps. A large part of what has made this possible is partnering with DevOps leaders and integrating our modern tools with theirs. One of the most exciting partnerships we have is with XebiaLabs to provide an integrated continuous delivery system for cross-platform release management.

By integrating our Agile mainframe source code management solution, ISPW, with XebiaLabs’ release orchestration solution, XL Release, DevOps teams can easily automate, standardize and monitor code deployments across multiple platforms into multiple target environments. This automation and monitoring includes test/QA, pre-copy staging and code promotion.

Learn More at Our GSE Sessions

I’ll be hosting a session around how these tools work together at GSE Nordic with Maarten Kennis of XebiaLabs on June 13. During “Continuous Delivery – Including the Mainframe,” Maarten and I will explain how DevOps is enabling Continuous Delivery for mainframe development and how you can improve the automation of processes and visibility of your code to mainstream the mainframe.

Another session I’m extremely excited for is Mascha Punt’s of our customer ABN AMRO. The Dutch bank has served as an incredible example of how large organizations can completely transform how they do business, but not just from a digital standpoint—ABN AMRO is transforming their mainframe environment, too, with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Mascha will dive into this as she tells the story of ABN AMRO’s project for modernizing mainframe systems delivery.

If you’re on a DevOps journey and trying to figure out how you can make it easier to include your mainframe, both sessions will provide you with new insights.

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How ISPW and XL Release Help Your Organization

Forrester and Gartner recognize XebiaLabs as a leader in release automation. Of course, we recognized this as well when we decided to integrate ISPW with XL Release, but we also recognized XebiaLabs’ understanding of the mainframe as a vital system of record that must be included in the orchestration and deployment automation process at large organizations.

Applying what XL Release is capable of to the context of large, complex environments, we found ISPW’s integration would generate several benefits for XebiaLabs’ and our mutual customers, including the following, to name a few:


ISPW and XL Release are designed to help enterprises with complex systems that require several approvals from across the organization throughout the deploy process. While XL Release enables extensive automation, it also allows manual steps to be included.


The integration with XL Release allows you see the entire deployment process in a single view. You can easily view and manage deployments in one place as well as monitor their statuses across teams and environments. The ability to see the duration of manual steps and automated steps helps you make intelligent decisions on how to increase velocity.

Parallel Execution

ISPW’s integration with XL Release allows customers to define processes that can be steps running in parallel across mainframe and distributed platforms for time savings.

Learn More About ISPW and XL Release

The integration between ISPW and XL Release has been a boon to large enterprises that need to get their mainframe systems running at the same pace as their non-mainframe systems, and it’s exemplary of how DevOps toolchains can include the mainframe.

To watch the integration in action, check out this webcast demonstrating how your organization can modernize your mainframe application development practices by integrating modern DevOps toolchains that include your mainframe.