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December 7, 2017 Batch Automation, DevOps

How Developers Can Boost DevOps Through Automated Batch Processing

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To most of your customers, your online applications are the “face” of your company; batch jobs provide critical data, but are largely invisible. Your team is likely spending the bulk of its time coding and perfecting online applications, leaving little time to optimize batch.

But when a batch cycle runs longer, due to increasing online workloads or larger files to process, the impact on your customer-facing applications may be significant.

“Rewrite batch to solve performance problems? Give me an extra three to four hours a day on top of the 24 I’m already working,” you say. “There has to be an alternative.”

There is.

Automated Batch Processing for DevOps

One of the benefits of DevOps is the sharing of tools between development and operations. While keeping Development and Operations siloed makes it difficult for either group to even know about useful tools, DevOps involves having both groups share in the benefits of useful software.

One example is ThruPut Manager, Compuware’s automated batch processing tool. While traditionally an operations/systems programmer product, this solution has value for developers as well. Here’s how it can help you.

Job Parameters

Often, developers are also responsible for writing/amending the JCL to run their jobs. ThruPut Manager automatically assigns job parameters to conform to data center standards, including:

  • Job class
  • Priority
  • Job name
  • Account
  • SYSOUT parameters
  • WLM service class
  • Scheduling environment

ThruPut Manager also manages batch processing priorities, ensuring the work you want completed is done on time, as efficiently as possible without impacting online applications.

Dataset Contention Services

Another feature is Dataset Contention Services, which prevents contention from occurring. When a job is deemed eligible to execute, ThruPut Manager checks the datasets and other conditions to ensure the job can run.

If the job fails this verification process, it is rejected from selection and placed on hold. ThruPut Manager will monitor the dataset and, when it becomes available, automatically release all jobs waiting on that dataset.

Contention problems often get developers involved. You can sleep better knowing this aspect is managed for you.

Automation for SLAs

Developers often get challenged to further optimize code when jobs run long. However, in many cases, more dynamic initiation and job management can solve the problem without recoding. ThruPut Manager provides this service, using automation to meet SLAs without manual intervention.

Cost Reduction

Finally, ThruPut Manager reduces costs. It is estimated that 80 percent of data center cost is money spent on maintaining the existing environment, according to a 2016 report, leaving little funding for new development.

And we all know that the new stuff is much more fun to maintain than someone else’s old programs. ThruPut Manager can dramatically reduce the cost of your IBM software licenses, freeing up money for new development.

Save Time with Automated Batch Processing

Developing code is a tough job. You often have difficult-to-interpret specs from the business, and you also know what they ask for is only the tip of the iceberg.

What starts out as a straightforward project to add a single function to an existing application turns into The Blob, a set of amorphous, growing requirements, all expected within the same timeframe as originally defined.

“Web-enable my back-office application.”

“Write a new GUI; the customers don’t like the one we have.”

At the same time, you’re expected to deliver code on an agile schedule, and it should be technical-debt-free and perform well. It’s a daunting task, one which is only getting more difficult as the complexity of systems grows logarithmically.

All that’s to say, you don’t have a lot of time to optimize batch jobs, but it needs to happen for the applications you spend so much time innovating to continue running well. Because ThruPut Manager can automate the batch-related tasks that impact your time, it may be one of the best DevOps software products available for furthering your career.

See why during our December-12 webcast, “What’s New in ThruPut Manager.” Our experts will talk more about how this automated batch processing product helps DevOps teams deliver faster with better performance, with a focus on recent innovations we’ve made and what the future holds for this powerful tool.


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