Improve Mainframe Economics with Compuware and BMC

Improve Mainframe Economics with Compuware and BMC

Compuware and BMC Software have partnered in a first-of-its-kind integration between independent software vendors (ISVs) to improve mainframe economics for organizations.

  • With BMC MainView and Compuware Strobe, IT departments can transform performance data into actionable intelligence aimed at increasing system availability and improving application performance.
  • Seamless integration between BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise and Strobe allows users to identify and act on tuning opportunities that can reduce IBM® monthly license charge (MLC) costs.

Increase System Availability with BMC MainView and Compuware Strobe

As consumers rely more and more on digital devices, optimal app performance is becoming even more critical to preserving business continuity and productivity. Since applications are constantly hitting the mainframe with increasing force and frequency, it is more important than ever for the platform to have tools that monitor resources used for digital business processing, correlate that performance data with meaningful user insights and align performance with business processes. Combining the power of MainView and Strobe provides a robust and agile performance management solution that handles all of this with ease.

MainView and Strobe work together seamlessly to deep dive into actionable intelligence, removing the complexity of mainframe application performance. MainView’s self-learning capability monitors mainframe systems and proactively identifies potential problems, such as high CPU consumption caused by a looping job or inefficient application code. Once the issue is identified, MainView can automatically initiate a Strobe measurement to collect the detailed application data needed to pinpoint specific areas for tuning. This reduces the need for eyes-on-glass attention and increases the possibility of identifying tuning opportunities.

Key Benefits of MainView and Strobe

  • Reduce the mean time to repair (MTTR) for application performance issues
  • Improve application availability
  • Reduce time and effort required by skilled technical staff

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Lower IBM® Monthly License Charges with BMC Cost Analyzer and Compuware Strobe

Mainframe IT shops are under increasing pressure to optimize mainframe platform costs, including monthly license charges (MLC). While application software consumes many of the resources driving peak MLC costs, finding the specific applications impacting the peak and knowing how to improve the code can be incredibly daunting.

Together, Cost Analyzer and Strobe offer insights that make resolving these issues manageable. The solutions identify tuning opportunities to provide cost-aware application performance tuning recommendations. Cost Analyzer delivers insight into MLC peak costs and the workloads driving them. Once identified, Cost Analyzer can invoke Strobe to request deep dive data related to that specific workload at a specific time. Strobe pinpoints the specific areas for tuning within the workload. The result is faster problem determination, actionable intelligence and reduced costs.

Key Benefits of Cost Analyzer and Strobe

  • Reduce MLC costs by up to 20% by tuning applications that drive CPU peak
  • Identify optimal tuning opportunities with actionable intelligence
  • Eliminate manual coordination and collaboration with first-of-its-kind integration between independent software vendors (ISVs)
  • Stop wasting time identifying tuning changes that have minimal impact
  • Justify the effort required to make code changes for tuning with predictions of cost savings

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