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Beware the Bias Against Mainframe Technology

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Overview: A new letter from Compuware urges government leaders and policy makers to think twice about replacing the mainframe. Here’s why we wrote it and why others support it.


Anti-mainframe bias is creeping into politics, and we believe it could generate far-reaching consequences for the nation and for citizens.

A clear and recent example of this bias can be found in a 2018 GAO report to the Internal Revenue Service suggesting the agency’s mainframe- and COBOL-based systems present significant risks to tax processing.

Reports like these imply the solution to overcoming challenges on the mainframe is to “rip, rewrite and replace” mission-critical applications and data. This message could delude government leaders into wasting years and millions of taxpayer dollars on risky migrations off the mainframe—and to no real advantage for the government or citizens.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to respond to the GAO report with our own letter to the GAO, federal CIOs and members of Congress that clearly conveys the facts about mainframe technology and the danger of believing the myths that anti-mainframe influencers propagate. We also garnered support for this letter from non-Compuware IT leaders and analysts, other software vendors and our own next-gen developers.

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Attempting risky, expensive, time-consuming migrations of mission-critical applications and data off the mainframe will only prolong improvements to the quality, velocity and efficiency of mainframe-based services these agencies provide.

We wrote this letter to help government leaders understand their best option is to “reinvest in and modernize the mainframe platform and the mission-critical applications which federal agencies—and U.S. Citizens—have long relied upon.”

This will help agencies drive true innovation that empowers citizens. Let’s do what’s best for them and for our country.

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