Compuware zAdviser for Outsourcers
May 2, 2019 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Automation Opportunities Emerge for IT Services Firm Using zAdviser

Overview: Learn how our customer, an Italian IT services provider managing mainframe development for outsourcing banks, is using zAdviser to reveal deployment bottlenecks and continuously improve delivery quality, velocity and efficiency.


Small but powerful fintech startups are radically transforming how people engage with financial services and products. So are some of the world’s largest banks that rely on the mainframe to support front-end digital services provisioned through cloud, web and mobile applications—including ABN AMRO, Standard Bank and other large banks.

Our customer—an Italian IT services provider of end-to-end banking and financial solutions—is hyper-focused on helping large banks increase mainframe application delivery velocity to address new digital demands. However, as these demands increase in frequency and variability, the IT services provider found it needs a way to continuously measure and improve how it manages mainframe application development for its outsourcing customers.

Leveraging zAdviser to Continuously Improve

As a Compuware customer, the IT services provider had access to Compuware zAdviser to measure its mainframe development efforts against quality, velocity and efficiency key performance indicators (KPIs).

See How zAdviser Works

These KPIs are based on DevOps data and Compuware product usage data that zAdviser captures metrics for across teams, individual users and applications. This insight empowers organizations to make quantifiable, data-driven decisions to strategically pivot with agility towards more optimal outcomes that align closer with business objectives.

Compuware zAdviser KPIS

Uncovering Deployment Bottlenecks

Through a visual analysis of their DevOps data and Compuware product usage data in a zAdviser dashboard, our customer identified several abrupt peaks in their manual mainframe code deployments to production.

Through an anonymous comparison, zAdviser revealed the IT services provider was deploying on average 16 fewer containers/components each week than other Compuware customers achieving consistently higher deployment velocity and efficiency using automation.

Compuware zAdviser | code deployment | dashboard

Investigating further, it was clear one user at the IT service provider had performed thousands more deployments than their developer peers. They and one other person were primarily responsible for deploying mainframe applications to production—hence the peaks and valleys in the data visualization.

The inactivity of deployment when these people were busy managing other tasks revealed how constraining manual processes were to the IT services provider’s ability to increase deployment velocity and efficiency for its bank customers.

Compuware zAdviser | user analysis

Just like the character Brent in Gene Kim’s novel The Phoenix Project, our customer relied on one person to manage everything about a process. No one knew who this person was or that they were managing this complex and critical task on their own, let alone manually. With zAdviser, the IT services firm was able to uncover who the developer was, what they were doing and how the firm could change the process to improve not only their rate of deployment but also the developer’s experience.

Improvement by Way of Measurement

In order to improve, you have to be able to measure. Without the ability to measure development quality, velocity and efficiency through zAdviser, our customer would not have found such a constraining deployment bottleneck in its delivery pipeline and uncovered opportunities to improve through automation.

The IT services firm is now investigating how it can work with Compuware and our partners to solve these issues through the transformation of processes and the implementation of modern tools that support automation, integration and measurement for true mainframe DevOps. In doing so, the firm will continue to improve outcomes for its outsourcing customers that rely on the mainframe to rapidly innovate and deliver digital value to modern banking customers.