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Application Analysis

Application Analysis

Use Topaz for Program Analysis to quickly understand complex or unfamiliar programs and make changes with confidence regardless of the absence of reliable documentation.

On-demand runtime visualizations from Topaz for Program Analysis show the actual order of program calls and file and database I/O

  • Includes the ability to save, replay and compare visualizations
  • Source code not required

Online projects allow you to group your programs into logical subsets

  • Obtain critical hierarchical information on the relationships across programs: call and called-by information; and copybook references
  • Analyze the overall impact of changes prior to making them
Topaz Workbench Screenshot

Deep-dive application analysis information is also available when editing a specific program

  • A dynamically generated program structure chart is included to visually show the program logic within the COBOL program or PL/1 PROC
  • Unique data flow diagram shows how information flows through variables within your program
Topaz Workbench Screenshot