October 17, 2019 Analysts

Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data Garners High Marks from Independent Research Firm

Overview: An independent research firm reviews Compuware’s
Topaz for Enterprise Data’s test data management capabilities.

Mainframe applications have grown in complexity as they’ve been expanded and enhanced over the years. Their complexity combined with insufficient documentation can make it difficult for developers, particularly mainframe-inexperienced next-gen developers, to confidently make code changes, leading to lengthened development cycles and decelerated time to market. In the Age of Software, where every company is a software company and developers are tasked with creating digital experiences that delight customers, IT teams must have a way to quickly and easily understand, manage and secure enterprise test data.

Compuware’s Topaz for Enterprise Data greatly simplifies the complex task of managing enterprise data and preparing data for testing, enabling developers and test engineers to perform data-related tasks without writing programs or scripts, coding SQL or using multiple utilities. Developers can visualize data relationships for both mainframe and non-mainframe data, as well the execution of mainframe data extracts; and browse and edit multiple datatypes, including Db2, IMS, SQL Server, Oracle and VSAM files using a single data editor all within a single platform.

Independent Analysis

Topaz for Enterprise Data also provides industry-leading test data privacy capabilities to help large enterprises address data privacy requirements and regulations in their test environments.

Bloor Research recently evaluated Topaz for Enterprise Data’s data privacy and data sub-setting capabilities in an InBrief report. The report highlights two powerful components of Topaz for Enterprise Data:

  • The Relationship Visualizer, which gives developers a graphical representation of how a set of objects are related, enabling them to easily identify which relationships may not be necessary, and whether they are database relationships, or those defined and enforced with in the application. This visualization view allows users to drill down on the details of each relationship to see which columns are involved in the relationship.
  • The Extract Visualizer, which helps developers isolate a subset of data related to different objects. This tool speeds up the extraction process by allowing the user to actually view the process and easily refine it to select the scope of data they need.

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Both visualization features have built-in filters that enable users to focus on critical information and identify the effect any changes will have as they work. These two elements of Topaz for Enterprise Data are remarkable capabilities that show how data is related and the extraction process itself in relation to a set of data, helping speed up the development process while helping to ensure quality.

Real-world Benefits

As next generation developers take the place of more seasoned IT professionals, they need access to tools that will enable them to work with data on both mainframe and distributed systems in a unified editor, simplifying the learning curve and empowering their teams to tackle bigger issues.

Topaz for Enterprise Data makes mainframe development more accessible to all levels of developers so they can make application updates faster, more efficiently and securely. It takes the labor, complexity and risk out of the data-to-value pipeline with powerful extraction, masking and visualization capabilities.

Topaz provides our developers with a way to implement data privacy rules to obfuscate multiple data types across platforms and with consistent results.” TCF Bank

The Final Word

InBrief report author and analyst Daniel Howard had this to say about Compuware and Topaz for Enterprise Data:

  • “Compuware distinguishes itself via its extensive support for the mainframe, which is outstanding in the test data management space. The fact that it will handle mainframe and distributed data sources consistently and within a single platform is particularly helpful.”
  • “Compuware’s test data management offering has historically been very easy to use – especially bearing in mind that it manages mainframe data – and this is even more true now that several important test data management capabilities have been consolidated within Topaz for Enterprise Data.”
  • “If you want to leverage mainframe data for testing purposes, either in conjunction with distributed data or not, you should consider using Topaz for Enterprise Data.”

For additional details, read the report.