October 31, 2019 Webcasts

All Treats, No Tricks – a Better Automated Testing Solution

Overview: Why Compuware Topaz for Total Test should be in your bag of DevOps solutions.

As a member of the DevOps team, when you reach into your bag of software “treats,” what do you hope to find?  Too many of us find an assortment of solutions, each with its own learning curve.  Just to run each product takes time, time you don’t have.  Even if each one of these tools has automation built in, it doesn’t help you if they don’t communicate with each other.  And as the success of teamwork means the difference between DevOps success or failure, you need common tools that provide a shared view of your software lifecycle reality.

While software “candy” might tempt you, what you really want is the software version of Legos, those interlocking building bricks that readily connect to each other, creating a whole that is richer and more full featured than the parts.  It begins with the foundation, Topaz Workbench, onto which you’ll build a powerful testing solution.  First, you’ll add Topaz for Total Test, which automates unit, functional, integration and regression testing, supporting CI/CD.  With this solution, you’ll more quickly create test data, validate your changes, maintain quality and quickly move code from design to production.

But once you start building, why stop there?  With the need to support your CI/CD pipeline, Compuware now provides a building block to integrate their toolset into Jenkins.  There are building blocks (plug-ins) for ISPW, for SCM code ingestion into Jenkins and of course, Topaz for Total Test.  By automating source code management and the promotion process, you gain significant control over the lifecycle.  You can also use these plugins to extract and use testing assets from a Git-based repository, centralizing your test assets.

Code quality is a big issue.  As you develop code, you’re usually building on an existing code base, which may or may not be of the quality required.  The new plugins allow for the results of your testing to feed into the SonarQube analysis process.  Not only do you have the chance to eliminate existing technical debt (and avoid incurring more), SonarQube will look at code reliability and application security issues, ensuring you continuous code inspection and ultimately, code that performs well and maintains your availability SLAs.

Another building block integrates ISPW and XebiaLabs XLRelease facility, which integrates source promotion with your overall deployment strategy.

Doesn’t this all sound like a terrific treat?  Learn about the Compuware testing tools and integrations at a fast-paced webcast, “Accelerating the Mainframe Development Lifecycle,” on Thursday, November 21, 11:00 AM EST.  This will be the 7th webcast in the “Mainframe DevOps A to Z” series. In 30 minutes, Alan Johns, Technical Account Manager, will help you learn a better approach to software testing.  Sign up now.