You Don’t Have to Maintain the Status Quo …

Compuware is the only software company solely focused on mainframe innovation. We leverage Agile development and DevOps best practices to accelerate customer collaboration and deliver meaningful innovations every 90 days. Our modern mainframe solutions integrate into your cross-platform, enterprise-DevOps toolchain so you can fully leverage your high-value mainframe investments with agility.

You don’t have to maintain the status quo—siloed teams, slow processes, good-enough tools—and you don’t have to migrate your applications off a platform that has proven to be as nimble as any other platform in an ever-shifting digital landscape.

You have an alternative: Mainstream your mainframe with Compuware.

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<strong>January</strong></p> <p><strong>•</strong> Announces integrations with <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/appdynamics/'>AppDynamics</a>, <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/splunk/'>Splunk</a>, <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/sonarsource/'>SonarSource</a>, <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/jenkins/'>Jenkins</a>, <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/jira/'>Atlassian JIRA</a></p> <p><strong>•</strong> Acquires <a href='https://www.compuware.com/ispw-source-code-management/'>ISPW </a>source code management (SCM) tool</p> <p><strong>April</strong><br /> Integrates ISPW with Topaz for Program Analysis for broader visualization</p> <p><strong>June</strong><br /> Introduces <a href='https://www.compuware.com/ispw-source-code-management/'>ISPW</a> Deploy with release automation, visualization and integrations</p> <p><strong>October</strong><br /> <strong>•</strong> Acquires Itegrations’ <a href='https://www.compuware.com/migration-services/'>SCM migration practice</a></p> <p><strong>•</strong> Announces integrations with <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/sea-software-engineering-america/'>SEA </a>and <a href='https://www.compuware.com/partnerships/syncsort/'>Syncsort</a></p> <p>• Introduces <a href='https://www.compuware.com/api-integrations/'>Rest APIs</a> for ISPW</p> <p><strong>December</strong><br /> Acquires Standardware’s <a href='https://www.compuware.com/cope-ims-virtualization/'>COPE</a> for IMS system virtualization


A unified, mainframe-inclusive DevOps toolchain that enables customers to continuously improve on the essential digital measures of velocity, quality and efficiency.


To be the world’s most trusted source of solutions that mainstream the mainframe, empowering customers to leverage their mainframe with ease and effectiveness and amplify the value of their resources and assets.

Core Values

Committed in heart, mind and spirit to: customer-driven ideation and innovation; transparent and open-minded collaboration with employees, customers and partners; continuous learning and improvement.

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