Fault Resolution and Management


Identify, Resolve and Track Mainframe Application and System Abends (Exceptions)

Abend-AID®, Compuware’s mainframe application failure resolution and fault management solution, enables developers to reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of manually cross-referencing pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why an application failure occurred.

Using Abend-AID, development and operations teams:

  • Capture information on mainframe application and systems abends (exceptions) in real time across multiple environments
  • Conduct root-cause analysis and confidently remediate issues regardless of complexity
  • Get deeper insight into their overall enterprise system through integrations with Precisely Ironstream including a Splunk® app; BMC AMI Defender for z/OS® including a Kibana® dashboard; and Compuware zAdviser
  • Minimize CPU overhead

The Value of Abend-AID

  • Reduce production abends
  • Detect errors earlier during development, allowing for a DevOps “shift left”
  • Reduce failure resolution time through source-level analysis
  • Reduce development downtime and time-to-market for new functionality
  • Achieve service level agreements and MIPS reduction
  • Ensure mainframe application reliability and quality

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Key Features of Abend-AID

Quicker Problem Resolution

For each abend, Abend-AID captures source code, working storage and file/IMS/Db2/MQ/CICS Containers information for faster and more accurate resolution.

Db2 Summary

Minimizes the Impact of Production Abends

Abend-AID uses unique Dump Capture Address Space technology to reduce overhead incurred by production faults in a variety of environments.

Abend-AID CICS Regions graphic

Provides Clear Next Steps When Dealing with Complex Problems

Abend-AID demystifies abends for your next-generation mainframe programmers.

Abend-AID Screenshot

Integrates Directly into the Developer’s Workflow

Abend-AID provides access to numerous integration points with Xpediter®, File-AID®, Topaz Workbench as well as third-party products such as SDSF.

Abend-AID JES 2 Job Log

Trends and Reporting

Abend-AID’s integration with Precisely Ironstream including a Splunk app lets you analyze trends and spot spikes of mainframe application failures and quickly isolate code or environmental issues involved.