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Fault Resolution and Management


Identify, Resolve, and Track Mainframe Application and System Abends (Exceptions)

Abend-AID®, Compuware’s mainframe application failure resolution and fault management solution, enables developers to reduce the tedious and time-consuming task of manually cross-referencing pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why an application failure occurred.

Using Abend-AID, development and operations teams can:

  • Capture information on mainframe application and systems abends (exceptions) in real time across multiple environments
  • Conduct root-cause analysis and confidently remediate issues regardless of complexity
  • Get deeper insight into their overall enterprise system through integrations with Precisely Ironstream including a Splunk® app; BMC AMI Defender for z/OS® with a Kibana® dashboard; and Compuware zAdviser
  • Minimize CPU overhead

The Value of Abend-AID

  • Reduce production abends
  • Detect errors earlier during development, allowing for a DevOps “shift left”
  • Reduce failure resolution time through source-level analysis
  • Reduce development downtime and time-to-market for new functionality
  • Achieve service level agreements and MIPS reduction
  • Ensure mainframe application reliability and quality

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Key Features of Abend-AID

Quicker Problem Resolution

For each abend, Abend-AID captures source code, working storage and file/IMS/Db2/MQ information for faster and more accurate resolution.

Db2 Summary

Minimizes the Impact of Production Abends

Abend-AID uses unique Dump Capture Address Space technology to reduce overhead incurred by production faults in a variety of environments.

Abend-AID CICS Regions graphic

Provides Clear Next Steps When Dealing with Complex Problems

Abend-AID demystifies abends for your next-generation mainframe programmers by automatically detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing problems across multiple environments, so issues can be addressed the first time they occur.

Abend-AID Screenshot

Integrates Directly into the Developer’s Workflow

Abend-AID provides access to numerous integration points with Xpediter®, File-AID®, Topaz Workbench as well as third-party products such as SDSF.

Abend-AID JES 2 Job Log

Trends and Reporting

Abend-AID’s integration with BMC AMI Defender for z/OS with a Kibana dashboard delivers real time mainframe messages from RACF, ACF2, Top Secret and Db2 accesses to multiple SIEM engines including Splunk, Elastic Search, IBM QRadar, and HPE ArcSight ESM. This intelligence is useful in discovering and addressing mainframe and non-mainframe application security issues.

Abend-AID’s integration with Precisely Ironstream including a Splunk app lets you analyze trends and spot spikes of mainframe application failures and quickly isolate code or environmental issues involved.


An integration with Compuware zAdviser provides insights into the types and quantities of abends across all systems and environments, uncovering trends and critical areas requiring attention. This holistic view allows teams to be proactive instead of reactive, creating a more reliable and stable environment.