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October 1, 2015 Mainframe Agility

A Revolutionary Map for Your Mainframe: Introducing Topaz Runtime Visualizer

If you’re in IT at a Big Important Company, much of your most important application logic probably resides on an IBM mainframe. And you’re not re-platforming it any time soon.

You therefore face three serious challenges:

  1. Updating your mainframe application logic in response to your constantly changing business needs as aggressively as you do in your commodity server environment.
  2. Meeting challenge #1 despite the fact that your highly evolved and involved mainframe applications are not well-documented or even well-understood.
  3. Continuing to meet challenges #1 and #2 as your veteran mainframe experts retire and the work has to be done instead by developers with far less platform knowledge.

The good news is that Compuware today released Topaz Runtime Visualizer, a revolutionary solution that addresses all three of these challenges.

What Topaz RV does

Topaz RV quickly generates an intuitive visual map of the external calls a program executes during any specified runtime—without the need for source code. Topaz RV also enables developers to drill down into these external calls to see how often programs call each other during a runtime and/or the specific datasets a program accesses at each point in its execution.

This fast, intuitive mapping saves developers hours or days of painstaking work, while ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their results—even if they lack COBOL expertise.

Topaz RV is also the perfect complement to source-code parsing, which itemizes all out-of-program calls in an application’s code. By discovering and mapping only the program-to-program calls that actually occur during a live runtime of any specified task—such as placing an order or running a monthly report—Topaz RV gives developers a uniquely clear, accurate, and detailed “snapshot” of a program’s real behavior in production.

The result: Veteran and novice developers alike can quickly understand, modify and troubleshoot even the oldest, most complex and/or poorly documented mainframe code.

Why Topaz RV matters 

Compuware’s release of Topaz RV is important for two reasons. First—and of the most immediate importance to you—is that Topaz RV relieves a significant source of pain for IT and the business. It helps you start moving faster now, with the resources you have. That alone makes it worth the price of admission.

Second—and of more strategic importance in the long term—Topaz RV proves once again that mainframe owners have in Compuware the kind of innovative, forward-thinking, and fast-moving technology partner they’ve always needed. We understand your mainframe challenges, and we consistently deliver new solutions that address those challenges in clever, practical ways. Every 90 days.

Plus that’s all we do—which means we have nothing to distract us from our mission to future-enable your mainframe.

So if you’re a Compuware customer, I encourage you to see for yourself just how amazing Topaz RV is. And if you’re not, call us today—because you don’t want anyone wandering inside your mainframe without a good map.